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How to Get Your Bike to Pay for Itself

The "sharing" economy is just getting started. With hundreds of companies outsourcing their work, we recognize that your motorcycle is an important resource too. With EagleShare, you can get in on the "sharing" economy today; and pay for your bike by simply renting it out to other riders.

We understand that as with many things in life, motorcycles are an investment and an added luxury more than anything. But they’re also an escape for many and an experience unlike any other. Motorcycles can be expensive, but why pay for it yourself when you can have others pay for it for you!

In our previous blog we covered the basics of how to attract your potential renters; good pricing, be responsive, have good reviews, quality photos, and a solid bike description. Your bike will then be presented on our website for renters to view around the globe! But now let's discuss how to build even MORE marketing for your bike. We are in the Internet age; therefore, word of mouth advertising does not work as well as it once did. One of the best marketing tools today is Social Media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even TikTok are great platforms to share that your bike is up for rent on EagleShare.

Don't be afraid to post photos or videos with your bike mentioning EagleShare or share your rental URL in your social media bios or in community groups. People are more likely to rent from a friend, family member, or someone they know and trust online. Your friends and followers may be more motivated to test out a new bike after seeing your posts and how much fun you have had with your bike! Now don’t worry, we’re not going to make you do this all by yourself! We post daily on our platforms and feature bikes in our email marketing campaigns to bring as many eyeballs as possible to your rental.

In order to be a successful private owner, you'll have to think like a renter. As discussed in our last EagleShare blog, it's important to list as much information about your bike as possible. Make sure to highlight things that will make a renters ride more convenient and enjoyable. Remember, they are only riding your bike temporarily! So, the features that are important to a renter, may be significantly different than what's important to you as an owner. Think like a renter when writing your description, and when marketing your bike on social media.

Lastly, do not overlook multi-day discounts. This tool can really maximize your rental profits. After meeting your renter and giving them your keys all the work on your end is finished; and every additional rental day is more money in your pocket. Take advantage of this pricing feature.

To quickly recap, the key to successfully renting your bike comes down to pricing, discounts, and promotion. Utilize the tools we have listed, and you will have your bike paid for in no time. 

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