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How to Make Money Off Your Bike?

How to Maximize Profit from Your Bike

Beyond the remarkable experiences you’ve had on your bike, money saved on gas, and a sense of community shared with other riders; as a motorcycle owner you have the opportunity to turn your bike into a business. Similar to Airbnb's successful sharing platform, EagleShare makes it easy for motorcycle owners to rent their bikes to other experienced riders.

If you do not use your motorcycle every day or just want to increase your income, this is a fantastic option. As we mentioned in our previous blog, our sister company EagleRider has been in the motorcycle rental business for 30 years. After listing your bike with us, it will be presented on our website to millions of potential renters from around the globe; allowing you to achieve your highest earning potential!

How to Optimize Your Listing?

1. Post Amazing Photos

We recommend taking quality photos of your bike, this is what will first catch a renter's eye. We know you take pride in your bike, and it is important to represent that in the photos you post on your EagleShare listing.

2. Set Your Price

As a private owner, you are also able to manually set your bikes price. We also recommend setting a reasonable price. We are not asking you to shoot low by any means but do some research in your area and see what prices other owners have listed at. Then make a final decision based on your research and comfort level. The best part? With EagleShare you can go in and change the pricing on your rental as little or often as you want.

3. List All Add-Ons

Listing as a private owner, it's important to list as much information about your bike as possible. Small details such as a backrest, side bags, Bluetooth, or extra horsepower could convince a customer to rent your bike. Don't be afraid to use emotion here either, tell us why you love your bike!

4. You're in Control

Lastly, as a private owner you decide whether to confirm or deny a request. Make sure to be responsive to each request; renters can post reviews regarding their ride with you. Good reviews can go a long way for future potential renters.

EagleShare is a great platform that allows motorcycle owners to increase their income, or even great for first time owners to have your bike pay for itself! So, see for yourself how easy it is to list and start maximizing your revenue today!

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