Sturgis 80th Anniversary Rally Motorcycle Tour

Starting at $3,429
Guided Tour 10 Days / 9 Nights
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  • 952.0 mi = 1523.2 km
  • 40.0 - 80.0°F = 4.4 - 26.7°C

There is a rumble building on the horizon in anticipation of the Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis. August 2020 has the potential to be one of the greatest and perhaps largest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts of all time. The time is drawing near quickly that we will be right smack dab in the middle of Main Street madness, celebrating the 80th year of the Sturgis Rally. We have other great Guided Tour options to ride into Sturgis, so please check them out on our tours page or email us at TOURS@EAGLERIDER.COM. Don't let another Sturgis Black Hills Rally pass you by. It's time to make your own memories and leave your mark on the greatest motorcycle rally in the world!

Sturgis 80th Anniversary Rally Motorcycle Tour - Tour Itinerary

Welcome to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. Today begins the first day of the tour with the arrival at your beautiful hotel located in the heart of downtown Denver. Tonight we will enjoy a nice Welcome Dinner in the city where you will have a chance to meet your fellow riders and talk about the journey ahead.
This is the moment that most motorcycle riders around the world only dream of as we turn our bikes north and start our incredible journey towards the Sturgis Black Hills Rally. The great Rocky Mountain city of Denver will soon be in our rear view mirrors as busy interstates give way to wide open spaces and two lane roads that seem as if they were built with our group in mind. This is the beginning of an epic ride!
It is difficult for some to think about today's ride because Sturgis is waiting just 242 short miles away, however, our ride is just as good as the destination. We'll turn east and cross the vast expanse of the Thunder Basin National Grassland, 572,000 acres of lush rolling grass hills and flatlands that were once home to great Buffalo herds. As we wind down our ride for the day we enter the Black Hills National Forest. The name “Black Hills” comes from the Lakota words Paha Sapa, which mean “hills that are black.” Soak in the warm sun and the mystique of the "Paha Sapa", a place so rich in Native American and U.S. history that you almost feel like you are stepping back in time.
Let's shake off the dust from our first evening in Sturgis and go for a ride. There are a multitude of day ride opportunities to choose from. You can take in one of the organized trips, venture off on your own, or simply take the short trip back to downtown Sturgis to take in all that is Sturgis.
Enjoy a day ride or head back to town for another crazy day.
Day ride with the group or head back to Sturgis for another crazy day.
This is the last day to enjoy Sturgis. Let your imagination run wild!
We'll sleep in just a bit and hit the road late morning after a nice breakfast. The good news is we will start the journey to Cheyenne with one last trip through the Black Hills of South Dakota. The ride to Cheyenne is as beautiful as any of the day trips we have enjoyed over the past four days. Tonight we will enjoy some true cowboy hospitality and some of the finest steaks in Wyoming.
The final riding leg of our journey is not a long one, but definitely one to remember. We'll take one last ride through the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains before easing our way back into the city life that has seemed a million miles away for the past nine days. Tonight we will celebrate together and raise a glass to the accomplishment of a lifelong dream for most motorcycle riders, as we simply toast to "Sturgis."
Thanks for a great Sturgis Tour, and we will see you all on next year's adventure! EagleRider
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