Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Tour - 15-Day San Diego to Milwaukee HOG

Guided Tour 15 Days / 14 Nights
Tour Map
  • 2387.0 mi = 3819.2 km
  • Summer, Fall
  • 55.0 - 100.0°F = 12.8 - 37.8°C

Imagine it, riding across America’s great deserts, mountains and forests as you make the pilgrimage to the motorcycle mecca of Milwaukee, ancestral home to Harley-Davidson and site of the 115th Anniversary celebration. To anyone who takes pride in the brand, this is holy ground. The ride, the party, making new friends along miles of spectacular scenery, and then rendezvousing with kindred spirits from around the world. For any enthusiast, it doesn’t get better—this is what motorcycling is all about; this is EagleRider’s exclusive Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Tour, departing from the four corners of the US. This is your corner, time to saddle up. Mileage is approximate and may vary day to day depending on exact route taken. EagleRider is the exclusive US provider of rentals and tours for Harley-Davidson.

Tour Itinerary

Pick up the bike and depart the cosmopolitan city of San Diego for the wilderness of the Anza-Borrego Desert as we ride east toward Phoenix and the Sonoran Desert, the only place on the planet where you will find the great saguaro cacti, standing sentinel over the ancient, sunbaked landscape and pictured in many a western movie. Phoenix is a biker town, with arguably more shops per registered motorcyclist than any other town. Some of the most famous builders in the world call Phoenix home. Tonight, we enjoy a party and dinner at Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale.
Head north by northeast into Navajo country, crossing into unearthly landscapes as rolling desert shifts to towering mesa, buttes, countless canyons and Arizona’s northern mountains. You’ll pass sand dunes, tortured rock formations, forests and dinosaurs, petrified and otherwise. The day ends at Gallup, a town well known for its authentic Navajo and Zuni jewelry shops.
The entire ride today is along historic Route 66, past Indian pueblos, parts of the Zuni reservation and what was once the old western outpost of Albuquerque, New Mexico, now a thriving city. Continue through the Chihuahuan Desert on the way to Texas. It’s a long ride, but well worth it when we hit the party at Tripp Harley-Davidson in Amarillo to meet up with more riders from across the USA who are picking up their journey to Milwaukee.
Today, we toward the Milwaukee and Harley’s epic 115th Anniversary. Cross the Texas plains into western Oklahoma, which was named after two Choctaw words, words okla and humma, meaning “red people.” Its nickname is the “Sooner State,” which refers to the rush of settlers who staked their claim on the best land before the official opening date of the Indian Appropriations Act of 1889, which led the way for white settlement. Scenery changes from plains to hills to forests. The day ends with yet another party and dinner at H-D World in Oklahoma City.
Eastern Missouri is the home to the likes of legendary outlaws Jesse James and his brother Frank. Jesse met his fateful end in St. Joseph, shot in the back of the head by the coward Bob Ford, who later met his own violent demise. Kansas City, of course, is known for its distinctive barbecue, jazz and long tradition of baseball. Today we get a double dose of Harley-Davidson, with lunch at Twister City H-D in Wichita, then dinner with hundreds of fellow riders at Worth H-D in Kansas City.
Take a well-earned break in Kansas City, a great city that is rich in history and full of incredible restaurants and bars.
Ride through Missouri, arguably one of the most controversial states during and immediately after the Civil War. It is a land of farms, low hills, forests and countless limestone caves, many of which were supposed hideouts for Jesse James and his gang. Pass by St. Louis and its stainless steel, 630-ft. arch, the gateway to the West. The Gateway Arch was built as a monument to the westward expansion of the US and was officially dedicated to “the American people.” The road continues northeast as you roll closer the 115th Anniversary, stopping in Springfield right in the heart of the land of Lincoln and final resting place of the 16th president. Enjoy a great dinner and party tonight at Halls H-D in Springfield.
Carry on through the Great Plains to Kenosha, which is on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. Today we meet up with the other three groups, each of which will be hundreds of riders by now. There’s a huge celebration tonight at Uke’s H-D in Kenosha, before we all ride as one incredible group on the short trip to the 115th Welcome Party for us in Downtown Milwaukee tomorrow!
What’s cooler than riding in to Milwaukee and the H-D Museum with hundreds of other bikers? After a lot of hard miles, you’ve earned this. Now get ready to have the time of your life.
Preparations are already underway for Harley-Davidson’s big 115th Anniversary bash, set for August 29-September 2, 2018. The event is a clarion call to all motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to join in the grand, citywide celebration. The party is not just about a landmark anniversary of a brand that began in a wooden shed long before most of our grandfathers were born; it is about celebrating a lifestyle that cannot be contained by time or borders.
Tens of thousands of motorcyclists of every ilk and nation are expected for activities that will be jammed with headliner music, racing, foods of international flavor, museum tours, custom bike shows, marriage ceremony packages, bike parade (which drew 6,000 motorcyclists for the 110th), probably dancing and extreme camaraderie.
This year’s celebration will promise to be like no other. More information will be released by the Motor Company as time rolls closer to the big event. For the 115th there will be a multitude of once in a lifetime activities designed to celebrate all thing H-D. Mark your calendars, take time off and get ready for a seriously good time.
Take a leisurely ride to the Windy City, have some deep-dish pizza, marvel at the skyscrapers, maybe take in a Cubs or White Sox game, time permitting. Tonight, our small group will enjoy one last meal together to reflect on the incredible journey we shared together over the past several days. Time to start planning our next adventure!
Bon voyage. We hope you had an absolute blast and are bringing a lifetime of great memories home with you. See you again soon.
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Martin Klemet May 16, 2018 02:32 pm

Dream Trip of a Lifetime! :-)

What an excellent way to celebrate 115 years of riding! This is an ideal trip to make and it all starts at a fabulous location in San Diego, California. This particular trip will provide a rider with a true look of America and the West. You can bet that I entered into the contest because this would be a dream come true to win.