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Watercraft Rentals

It's summer time and the heat is unbearable. Just trying to keep cool is a full-time job and enough to test your patience. When the heat just becomes too much, it's time to pack up and head for the water. Set a course for the nearest lake or marina and don't forget to rent your own personal water craft (PWC) for hours of wet and wild fun.

EagleRider Motorcycle Rental is the place to rent jet skis, snowmobiles, and late model motorcycles for adventure seekers in all seasons. An 800cc jet ski surely is the adventure seeker's best friend during the sizzling summer months. With a carrying capacity of three riders (or 500 pounds), you and your friends and family can enjoy summer like never before.

To rent from EagleRider, please contact one of our representatives early to make a reservation. Some locations will not carry jet skis and you will want to call and inquire about availability. When you have confirmed availability, you will need a credit card for refundable damage deposit, and a valid driver's license. We ask that you follow the rules of the water and use common sense when riding.

Of course, EagleRider isn't limited to watercraft rentals. For even more adventure, try renting a late model Harley Davidson motorcycle and taking one of our unforgettable guided cross-country tours. Self-guided tours are also available for more independent types. (Hotel accommodations will be included in tour packages.) Don't forget to book early, as reservations fill up quickly!