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The motorcycle is perhaps the most American of all vehicles. While its origins may not be in America, it has been adopted by Americans because of what it represents. The motorcycle represents independence, mobility, freedom, and individuality. All of these are qualities that are typically American and the reason the motorcycle has become the vehicle of choice for those who are adventurous and independent.

The drawback of the motorcycle is its expense. A high quality, American-made motorcycle like a Harley-Davidson, or a high-end foreign make like a BMW is not cheap. In fact, sticker prices are often equal to those of cars. The cost of purchasing a motorcycle is often too much for the average American's budget. The good news is that now you can get all the adventure and enjoyment out of a high quality motorcycle without the purchase and insurance costs.

Motorcycle Rentals

This is thanks to companies like EagleRider Motorcycle Rental. We are the nation's leading motorcycle rental company and we specialize in renting only high-end bikes from companies like Harley-Davidson and BMW. Now even the average American living on a budget can know what it feels like to cruise the motorways of this vast country on board a well-built, powerful motorcycle. Whether you're looking for a thrilling trip or an unforgettable entrance, there is no better way to get where you're going than on one of our exceptional rental motorcycles!

All you have to do to rent from EagleRider is call our reservations hotline. You'll need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid motorcycle license. You will also need a major credit card for the security deposit. We have self tours, as well as guided tour packages that will let you see America firsthand the way it was meant to be seen. It's a good idea to call well in advance as availability is limited, especially during peak travel and vacation months.