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5 Hidden Gems in Sturgis

As motorcycle riders, we know it’s hardly ever about the destination, it’s about the ride. But what happens if the ride you want to enjoy is on the other side of the country, and you only have a limited amount of vacation time?

Cascade Creek

Cascade Creek is the largest hot spring in the Black Hills, featuring consistent warm, turquoise-colored water. We recommend Cascade Falls for swimming; you can find different depths to swim in and the water flow isn't too crazy. Riders typically stumble upon this hidden gem while taking a riding break or exploring the trails.

You can find locals here having a picnic, camping, exploring the rich atmosphere, or taking a dip with friends. Cascade Creek is filled with beautiful vegetation, rare plants, clear water, and luminous sunshine. This is the perfect spot to take a break from the crowd and enjoy a peaceful swim.

Adams House

Next on the list of hidden gems is the 1892 home of William Adams. As an early pioneer of Deadwood, Adams made his fortune as a wholesaler. Adams was a well-respected figure of the community, and significantly shaped the city's economy. Mr. and Mrs. Adams lived in an elegant mansion in Deadwood, representing their great success and tributes. After the Adams passed, their house was restored and is now open for daily tours.

This is a great way to get lost in the history of Deadwood while viewing beautiful 19th-century décor. The Adams house is well known for its unique stained-glass windows, oak interior, cozy fireplace, 18-karat gold china, glossy piano, and Victrola record player.

Art Alley

In the heart of Rapid City, SD you can find an eccentric art alley that has been a sacred space for artists and locals of the community. This paved alley is located between Main Street and Saint Joseph where you'll discover dynamic art from amateur to professional, showcasing political, cultural, and pop references.

With artists constantly adding to one another's work, this ever-changing landscape is one of our favorite hidden gems.

Tinder Box

Tinder Box is located in Rapid City on 7th street. This hidden gem offers an extensive selection of hand-rolled cigars, unique bourbons, and whiskeys, plus a huge selection of fine wines and beer.

Whether you are coming from Mt. Rushmore or the Black Hills, this is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of riding and exploring. Inside Tinder Box, you'll find cozy leather seating, perfect for an intimate conversation and a cocktail. On the outdoor patio, you'll discover live music, beautiful décor all while enjoying your favorite cigar.

Whether you are stopping by for a quick drink, or this is your after-dinner destination, make sure to check out this unique Rapid city gem!

Moccasin Springs

Nestled in the Southern Black Hills, you will find a Mineral Spa resort that resembles an Italian grotto. Stories of indigenous people soaking in mineral water and red rock have been passed down for over a century in South Dakota. This is how Moccasin Springs originated.

These natural pools are moccasin-shaped, carved out of red sandstone, and have a natural temperature of 90 degrees year-round. Here you can soak your riding muscles while enjoying the garden area and hillside views.

This gem offers four soaking options. The Pool House or "Earthling Pool", The Bathhouse, the Hot Pool, and the 1913 Hot Springs Pool which is the largest. They do not chlorinate the water, and each pool is drained weekly.

Sturgis Rally is an amazing place to embrace motorcycle culture, make new friends and most importantly discover new adventures. There are plenty more must-see hidden gems throughout Sturgis and the Black Hills that we hope you come across! Most importantly, we hope our list inspires you to explore the diversity that South Dakota has to offer. Let us know if you’ve visited any of these and your experiences while doing so and if we missed anything that should have been listed!

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