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Fly and Ride with the Eagle Pack Luggage Bag

Fly and ride adventures have never been more easy or more fun. With air travel so quick and inexpensive, it’s quite common now to fly to a fun destination, rent a motorcycle and go exploring. Most touring model motorcycles either come with luggage storage already attached, but what about when you need that extra space or your motorcycle doesn't come with a touring pack or large enough saddlebags? EagleRider just recently launched the Eagle Pack, available starting January 1, 2019 - a new storage option that you can ride with and take home after your trip is over.

Minimalist approach to packing for a motorcycle trip

It's a common struggle for riders to fit everything needed from suitcases and carry-on bags into bike storage. Nobody enjoys trying to squeeze things in a much smaller space and doing it in front of other riders too. At EagleRider, we offer secure luggage storage at all of our locations, so you can always leave your bigger bags with us for the duration of your trip. We can ship your bags to the final destination if you're finishing the ride in another city or state. If your big bags can stay with us, what's the best way to carry your trip essentials on the bike?

Eagle Pack was born from countless conversations and input from our riders who wanted a storage solution that's lightweight, durable, with convenient compartments, and easily detachable yet secure on the motorcycle. With 73.5 liter capacity, this bag is available as a one-time purchase that you can add to your rental reservation.


When you begin your rental reservation, the first few steps will be to choose your bike, followed by pickup and drop off dates and rental locations. Once you're on the second step of the booking "2. Select Extras," from here you can choose to add the Eagle Pack as a one-time fee. It'll be yours to keep after the trip.

How to add an Eagle Pack to a rental reservation

Scroll down to the section called "Accessories" below insurance options. Here you can select the EaglePack and your reservation amount will be updated to include this handy motorcycle luggage bag.

How to add an Eagle Pack to a rental reservation

Once your reservation is complete, the team at your pickup location will set aside a brand new Eagle Pack that will be waiting for you upon arrival.


If you are a minimalist credit card traveler, you have unlimited options. Just pack your most essential riding gear and go. You can buy toiletries along the way, or use those provided by your hotels. Laundry can be done at the hotels in order to keep packing light, and food can be bought along the way. Better to have less stuff and have a highly maneuverable bike than the opposite. Besides, a well-balanced motorcycle is much more fun to ride.

The physical packing for a fly and ride adventure is the same as any other motorcycle adventure—heavy items on the bottom, lighter items higher up, and your camera and daily go-to items on top. Try to keep the weight low near the motorcycle’s axels. Weight high up on a sissy bar or even on the pillion seat increases top-heaviness and decreases maneuverability.

See the complete packing guide and packing checklist here.


The role of Eagle Pack is to give you more space and ability to carry more clothing and ride essentials on your bike. Of course, you want to be fully comfortable during the ride and have everything quickly available in an organized efficient way. Will more stuff make your ride better? That's not always the case. If you're riding solo, you don't have to consider the comfort of your passenger. A credit card and cell phone may be all you need and that's an amazing feeling to be free from all the daily clutter - something that motorcycle adventures really are great for! A single bag that you can take to your hotel for overnight stays is the best way to start and end your days on the road in a much faster and enjoyable way.

For family vacations, often your passenger or ride companion is the one you need to convince to even do this trip you have in mind. The Eagle Pack can easily be one of your "selling points" for your significant other to commit to doing the trip.

Eagle Pack can be added to all reservations with the pickup date after January 1, 2019. Please reach out to our reservations team if you'd like to add Eagle Pack to your existing reservations or have any questions about it.

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