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Rent Your MotorcycleOn EagleShare

Share your motorcycle and earn an average of $775 per month with EagleShare, the world’s most trusted powersport and motorcycle rental marketplace.


Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance Provided by Certain Underwriters at
Lloyd’s of London

$1,000,000 in Third-Party Liability Insurance

All Owners that qualify to be insured through EagleShare are covered for up to $1,000,000 in third-party liability insurance.

Physical Damage Protection

All vehicles that qualify to be insured through EagleShare are covered for damage while on rent for up to $25,000, not to exceed the total replacement value.


How renting your motorcycle works

It's easy!


List your bike with EagleShare

After signing up, you'll enter a few pieces of information about your bike. You call the shots and set your own rental rates & availability. There is no upfront cost or obligation.


Riders book and request your bike

We will provide you with their home country driver’s license and other important information, then you decide to confirm or decline the request. You are in 100% control of who rides your bike.



Meet your renter at a convenient location. After a quick inspection and safety check, you’ll toss your fellow rider the keys and get them on the road. You’ll love the huge smile on their face as they start their journey.


Renter returns—You earn

The renter will drop-off your bike on the scheduled date. Follow the quick and easy steps to close the rental on your mobile phone, then kick back and watch the cash roll in.


Any questions about how to rent out your motorcycle? We have answers!

How do I set my rates?

We suggest checking rates on similar class bikes on EAGLERIDER.COM, but the final decision should be based on your comfort level. We know you love your bike, so don’t shoot low when it comes to setting what you feel is a fair rental rate.

How does EagleShare find renters for me?

Our sister company, EagleRider, has been in the motorcycle and powersports rental business since 1992. Our website welcomes millions of riders annually who view us as the “Go-To” source for motorcycle and powersports rental and tours. Listing your bike with EagleShare will instantly allow you to benefit from our global marketing reach and partnerships.

How do I get paid after the rental?

That's really a matter of preference. EagleShare offers several fast and safe payout options for you to choose from. Private and Commercial Hosts get to keep 100% of the rental revenue for the first 12 months after they register. After the 12 months, Private Owners enjoy 75% of the daily rental revenue, including any extras you charge for. Club EagleRider members receive 80% of revenue. Commercial hosts with their own commercial insurance keep 85% of daily rental revenue plus extras. EagleShare uses the host fee to cover insurance, marketing, support, customer service, and more.


Rent out your motorcycle with peace of mind

Insurance Plans

Your bike is important to you—protect it with the most comprehensive rental insurance plan available.

Safe Community

You can screen all renters before allowing them to pick up your motorcycle, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that your bike is in good hands.

Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available 7 days a week by phone, chat, and email to assist our bike owners and renters in multiple languages.

Two-way Reviews

Reviews are everything these days. Our bike owners and renters rate one another at the end of each rental, providing you an important tool when it comes to accepting or declining requests.

Why list with EagleShare?

Highest Quality

We provide the best insurance and serve the best of our community.

Highest Volume

We have the most customers, which means you can achieve maximum earning potential!

Lowest Commission

We know you have expenses too, we take less commission than anyone else so you can keep more!

Ready to earn from listing your motorcycle?

Ready to earn from listing your motorcycle?

Join the community and list your bike today.