79th Sturgis Black Hills Rally

2 اغسطس, 2019 - 11 اغسطس, 2019

Sturgis is the big daddy of all bike rallies, receiving some 500,000 faithful on their pilgrimage to this mecca for motorcyclists. They come from towns near and far and across the globe, accounting for all 50 states and much of the untamed world. In 1938, the rally was kickstarted by local Indian dealer, Pappy Hoel and his wife, Pearl. Back then, Sturgis was a sleepy cowtown on the South Dakota prairie, off the edge of the Black Hills and buried in obscurity. Hoel and a few of his friends decided since there was nothing else better to do, they may as well race each other. Whether it was a handful of bikers just wanting to have some fun or a deliberate act of promotional genius, the great gathering was born. Motorcyclists are always looking for a place to ride and Sturgis, perhaps because of its remoteness and the nearby stunning natural beauty, became holy ground, the Shangri-La of all biker destinations. By the 79th Anniversary rally, some 740,000 true believers poured in, filling every road in and out of town with the great roar and joy of countless motorcycles representing most every year, make and model, and a few two- and three-wheeled contraptions you’ve never imagined.

Enthusiasts ride in for the camaraderie and unabated fun, but there is something more about Sturgis that goes further than its sea of vendors, countless concerts, almost-anything-goes private campgrounds, wooly saloons, international bike shows, factory fleets offering test rides, and scenic rides into the Badlands or to Devil’s Tower and parts unknown. There is a vibe to Sturgis not equalled by any other rally. This is a safe and friendly, all-are-welcome event where attitudes are checked at the state line and everyone just wants to have a good time. Even the cops are alright and have been known to offer a tip or bit of local history. Sturgis is a spectacle made of machines, but enjoyed by men and women from every walk of life.

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Thomas Hardy July 3, 2017 04:09 pm

Eagle Riders SD

I couldn't have been more satisfied with the reservation and confirmation. everyone i spoke with was friendly, helpful, knowledgable and answered everything asked. i rented an Indian Chief Vintage. The MC was new and ready to go. I can't say enough about the Indian. Comfortable, nimble good handling, strong brakes, great suspension and a motor with Plenty of torque from idle.
I had a Most Excellent Adventure and my whole experience with Eagle Riders couldn't have been improved.

Jason and Brent at the Sturgis location are the right people to have handling the customers and the store. Excellent staffing, and whomever hired them deserves credit as well.

I had occasion to speak with a rep in LA. CA, Jered. He too is a First class customer representative. He answered all my questions and took care of my requests, quickly and easily.
Jared exceeded my expectations. And, how ofter does That happen ?
Not often enough unfortunately.

Thank You Jared.

Eagle Riders runs a First Class operation and they employ First Class people. I can't say enough about my satisfaction, a better company, better people, or a better motorcycle to rent is difficult to imagine.

Thank You Eagle Riders.