Pacific Coast Motorcycle Tour - 10 Day

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Self-Drive Tour 10 Days / 9 Nights
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  • 1572.0 mi = 2515.2 km
  • Summer, Spring, Fall
  • 60.0 - 90.0°F = 15.6 - 32.2°C

Interested in cruising the West Coast? Do you want to experience the trip of the lifetime with the Pacific breeze in your hair and the sun on your face? If this sounds like a dream, then our Pacific Coast Self Drive Motorcycle Tour is the ride for you! This 10 day adventure tour kicks off in the beautiful city of Seattle, winding its way down the Pacific Coast stopping in some of the most beautiful sites in the world and finishing the tour in the metropolitan city of Los Angeles. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see everything from the Humpback whales of the Pacific Northwest to the celebrity studded hills of Hollywood.

Pacific Coast Motorcycle Tour - 10 Day - Tour Itinerary

Your tour begins with your arrival in Seattle, Washington, the emerald of the Pacific Northwest. With its distinct city skyline featuring the world renowned Space Needle, its vibrant downtown district, and regal Mount Rainier looming in the distance, this is the perfect place to begin a monumental motorcycle trip!
After picking up your bikes at the EagleRider office in Seattle, you will begin the tour with a different kind of ride - a ferry ride! Locals and tourists alike pile onto the Edmond's Ferry to take them across Puget Sound an into the Olympic Peninsula. You will wind along the coast passing through the Olympic National Park. With green forests around every turn and the cool smell of the coast in the air, you'll get your first taste of the lush Pacific coast.
You will spend most of today on the infamous Pacific Highway 101 connecting Washington with its neighboring state, Oregon. This ride is definitely only for those with the spirit if adventure as we wind around the curvy inlets of the western coast spending some time on a two-lane bridge with waves crashing below.
Today you continue down the coast to the quaint beach town of Crescent City. Named for its half-moon shaped coastline and known for its rocky seaboard, your approach into Crescent City marks the first entrance into The Golden State where you will be spending the remaining portion of the tour. While today's journey will be long, nothing is a chore when you ride alongside the sparkling Pacific coast.
Awe, respect, and admiration--these are just a few things you will experience today on your ride from the Northern California town of Crescent City through Redwood National Park on your way southward. The Redwood trees native to this part of California are some of the tallest and most massive trees on Earth standing at over 300 feet (9144 cm) tall and some nearly 25 feet (762 cm) wide. Revel in their enormity as you make your way out of the misty fog and continue southward to a city founded prior to the American Civil War - Fort Bragg. Known for it's picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, Fort Bragg has become one of California's top tourist destinations.
Today you continue your journey down the spectacular coastline to ride alongside the Point Reyes National Seashore - into the bustling metropolis of San Francisco. This will provide you with time to explore the City. Make sure you visit Ghirardelli Square, one of the most popular attractions in SF where street performers will entertain you as you peak your head into small shops and street cafes famous for some of the best seafood dishes in the world. Feel free to hop on one of the street trolleys that are a moving landmark and are the heartbeat of this incredible city!
Today you will wave goodbye to the charm of San Francisco and point your bikes south as you ride around the bay toward the mystique of Monterrey. Upon your arrival in this spectacular seaside city, spend the afternoon walking along Cannery Row lined with beautiful hotels, shops and restaurants. Be sure to leave some time to take part in the dozens of attractions around the city including the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Pebble Beach Golf Course and abundance of beach activities. Let your inner child or your inner golf-pro run wild!
We've said it once and we'll say it again: it's hard to believe that the scenery can become more beautiful, but this is one breathtaking ride! Today you will follow along the acclaimed Highway 1 toward Pismo Beach California with the mountains on our left and the Pacific Ocean on our right. Soak up the California sun and cruise along with the salty sea breeze against your skin as re ride past Big Sur, California. It is at this point where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean creating one of the most beautiful stretches of California coastline. Today surely promises warm breezes and exquisite sunsets as this destination provides the perfect tranquil setting with its majestic cliffs and soothing surf.
Today it is time to say goodbye to Pismo Beach and set out sights on Southern California, home of The Beach Boys, Hollywood, some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire country! You should stop in Santa Barbara for a lunch. This city is referred to by many as the "American Riviera" due to its similar climate and geography to the French and Italian Rivieras. Waving goodbye to Santa Barbara, you cruise the Pacific Coast Highway into Los Angeles on your last day of riding on this incredible tour. Dropping of the bikes in Los Angeles EagleRider location.
It's hard to believe that your trip is over, but know that we'll always keep a space open for you on another ride of your dreams!
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