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Rob Wolff October 13, 2018 10:31 am
Terrible business

Terrible excuse of a company. Made reservations a month in advance for two motorcycles. They took our money and charged our credit cards immediately. Drove 8 hours in a car to El Paso for a planned 3 day trip to Big Bend on the bikes. Got to the location and they did not have the bikes we reserved. Nobody even bothered to call us and tell us they weren’t going to be available. And apparently the place we picked them up from is used to this happening to a lot of other customers. And Eaglerider is doing nothing to fix it. Ruined our vacation. Do not rent from these guys!

Lutz-Peter Schild October 11, 2018 04:17 am

Prima Service in Las Vegas, gute Bikes und eine tolle Routenführung. In der Regel cruisen auf Straßen mit wenig Verkehr. Die Hotels sind ok, Frühstück manchmal etwas einfach aber man ist ja nur für eine Nacht da.
Unbedingt empfehlenswert.

Lutz-Peter Schild October 11, 2018 04:09 am
Tolle Landschaften

Dies war schon unsere zweite Tour. Coole Typen in der Vermietstation zügige Abwicklung und sehr gute Harleys. Die Abholung und der Rücktransport durch Eagle Rider hat nicht geklappt, wir mussten ein Taxi nehmen. Bis 15 Dollar bekommst du zurückerstattet. Vom Prinzip her eine tolle Route aber einige Etappen recht lang. Dadurch kann man nicht mal irgendwo länger verweilen um sich was anzuschauen. Zwischendurch auch längere Highwaystrecken wo es sich nicht besonders cruisen lässt besonders bei gefühlten 40 Grad Anfang September 2018. Da ist "Grand Canyon Ride" entspannter. Die App funktioniert ganz gut aber Kartenmaterial (gabs früher) wäre empfehlungswert.

Rob Fletcher October 7, 2018 01:39 pm
Route 66 sept 2018

Just like to add a few works and thank Jan n Jenny for a fantastic trip.
Chicago bike pick up was good. Welcome meal at a local pizzeria great . A mixed group of American, Australian, German, and Canadian. Hotels all good along the way. Museums, diners,cafes, all great . Helicopter across the Grand Canyon very very good done this a few times before but this one was the best , sunset on the canyon rim !! Great. Santa Fe just a beautiful place for the rest day !! But no rest day for me and peter and john off to Red river and Eagle nest on the Enchanted circle !! A great extra !!!! Vegas was lively and to cap it off Angeles crest an alpine road 66miles long into LA to Santa Monica pier . A fantastic trip . Would do it again . Very well done Eagleriders xx Electraglide did good enjoyed riding it . Thanks x

David Leggett October 3, 2018 02:37 am
June tour

Hi we booked a tour of a life time a 25k holiday to do the mother road before I start our tour leaders Mike , Dave and KJ was amazing so let’s talk about the tour meet at the hotel we didn’t get the jackets we was promised, welcome dinner was pizza really ! The photos etc on here shows and says the tour starts at the start of Route 66 it don’t we had to find it ours selfs after the gastronomic Eating experience of pizza . Day of the start of the ride the check in was so slow took ages , then we was giving the bikes that took ages to and some of the bikes didn’t have rego plates . The first night accommodation Was at Springfield what a dump dirty broken . Ok then the tour was great a few of the tour was fighting about our jackets but it was great . Then we got into Vegas 2 bikes broke down one of them was mine we went to Eagleriders Vegas and was there for a couple of hours waiting for replacement bikes . We missed a big part of the trip due to this . Ok the fight with some of the tour group and Eagleriders was still going on about the jackets . We finished the tour and the last night was amazing. They told us they would send us the jackets and 4 months after the tour they showed up wasn’t leather like they said they would be I like the jacket and so does a rider from Queensland the rest isn’t happy . Look it’s a amazing trip but check what’s on the we give you list to what you actually get .

Rod Manson September 26, 2018 04:57 am
Negative Review Has Been Deleted

Interesting that my negative review of Eaglerider from July 2018 has been DELETED. No reply or response after several attempts. Beware.

Jim Joveski September 22, 2018 04:04 pm
Bike hire and service

6 of us hired bikes from Eagle rider HD at Las Vegas (LV) last month, I must point out that we had an agreement with LV HD 12 months ago so in the meantime LV, HD sold the hire business to Eagle Rider (ER) without notifying us.
None the less we had a few emails and phone calls with ER over the months of May to July (when we were arriving at LV ER to pick up the bikes.
On the 23rd of July we arrived at LV ER and walked in to sort out the bikes, the staff at ER had no idea about our previous deal with LV HD and wanted to charge us extra 3k Ozzy, after some negotiations over the day as well as the following day we came up to an agreement to meet us halfway in the deal.
We have heard bad things from our biker mates but did not believe until we experienced it ourselves, this was the most unorganized, unprofessional outfit we have ever come across, though the front counter staff was trying to accommodate however Management kept avoiding us at all cost.
My advice to ER management is if you want to run a successful business you, YES YOU the Management needs to lead by example, don’t hide behind your staff.
Also, our collective advise to anyone wanting to hire a bike from ER, DON’T do it, YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE FROM Eagle Rider Management.

Test One September 14, 2018 03:33 pm
The trip of life time

Amazing experience and service!

Noppu Nope September 14, 2018 03:05 pm
$275 a bike

I've been on a few of these rides cause they are fun. I am going to say either ride they offer is not worth a $275 bike rental for 5.5 hours. Call me cheap but those prices are almost double from 2 years ago.

Petra Olsson September 13, 2018 08:43 pm
Great support!

Thanks for fixing my bikeswap yesterday! I'm soo much comfortable with the Sportster than the Fat Bob I got from Las Vegas office.