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David Roper March 3, 2019 12:03 pm
Probably the best all round bike to tour on you can ever rent

I grew up riding on dirt bikes, then "super bikes" and have owned 8 bikes over a period of 40+ years. I had never ridden a BMW and decided to rent the 1200RT and run it for hundreds and hundreds of miles thru twisty roads and hills. Wow, as I grew more and more comfortable with the bikes engine and handling characteristics I pressed it harder and harder in the turns - what a perfect combination of high performance, comfort, utility and grace! Whether one up or dual this bike just exceeded all my expectations! If you are going far - this platform is comfortable from gas tank-to-gas tank! Packing your gear for 2 requires efficiency unless you get the backrest helmet/gear bag too. Lots of upgraded features on the new models - you will NOT regret choosing this bike for any overnight trips!

Kate Tiernan February 20, 2019 08:41 am
My son is doing this trip

My son has prepared for months to do this trip with others. They have pulled out and he still plans to do this alone. Do you have any suggestions for him and reassurances for a worried mother. He leaves March 8 from Portland, OR with plans to travel down the coast to BAJA.
contact: kate@ykwc.com

david alexandre February 10, 2019 01:30 am
circuit septembre 2019

circuit moto los angeles vegas avec Yann guide super sympathique
à l’écoute de tous meme en groupes un monent magnifique super
encore merci a Yann david brigitte

circuit a recommandé superbe et bien accompagné

James Stradley February 10, 2019 01:19 am
Just OK! Dealership didn’t have good things to say.....makes you wonder

We made an online reservation for the same day, 2/9/19. Reservation went through fine. I thought I’d better follow up with a phone call. Found out the location I made the reservation only has 2 bikes they rent and neither were available. We wanted a HD Street Glide, the only bike available at the main dealership was an HD Electra Glide, Camilla said if we wanted it she would have it moved from one dealership to the one we chose and no extra charge. Great! On our way to pick up the bike we called again to confirm the bike had been moved. Agent that answered the phone didn’t know anything and couldn’t help us. We called the location and they didn’t know anything about it. Said this was not unusual for Eagle Rider. Called back Camilla was back from lunch, she assured us it was enroute but couldn’t tell us when it left or would arrive. Camilla did add additional time to our rental for our inconvenience. We finally got the bike about 1 hour after our reservation but it was brand new with only 27 miles on it. The bike is great but i’m Skeptical about joining.

Matthew Windows February 5, 2019 12:14 pm
Amazing Trip

An amazing trip in Oct 2018. And looking at coming back to the US with Eagle riders again. Well set out, lovely guide and support, met amazing people and now call them friends.
My only tip is come prepared unlike me. I went thinking the weather would be Vegas or LA but some days it was snowing.
I had a great time and cannot wait to come back

Vasym Tadzhi January 22, 2019 12:45 pm
Eagle mocked my credit card $300

• What specific service and or merchandise was ordered?
Motorcycle Road king Harley rented for 24 hours
• Tell ups specifically why you are disputing this transaction?
They tried to charge my credit card then they told me that it did not work and I had to pay cash $200
• If applicable, provide the date the merchant was contacted
2018 Jan 27 Saturday around 11:30
• Detail of what was the merchant's response when they were contacted.
They admitted that the only charge for me was the one I paid by cash, nothing else to be charged, they said that they had the amount on hold but not charged, told me to contact my bank, I spoke to a person named Nick last on the 8th Feb ( in their comments in system they told me that it shows cash was taken because credit card did not work), then later after disputing the bank, bank contacted some guy named Mike from Eagle riders Finance who promissed to fix it but never took place

Patrick Bowman January 2, 2019 07:59 pm
BAJA 2020

My name is Patrick Bowman

I took this BAJA trip in both 2018, and 2019.

In 2018, Stefano led, and Brad followed in the truck
In 2019, they reversed roles.

The truck carries all your luggage, and lots of bottled water, and other refreshments for the end of the riding day. In addition, 2 spare Harley’s

I am going for record 3rd time in as many years
Because I hate snow and salt. In addition, You will have the time of your life.
I LOVE EagleRiders, and so will you.

The scenery in BAJA is every changing. Beyond incredible

Do yourself a favor, take this trip

I just learned my trip is already SOLD-OUT
Book early.......have fun

Bring a lanyard for your motorcycle key, and wheel- lock key


Julie PHUNG December 23, 2018 03:18 am

Group of Benoit the 09 may 2019 with Trike Glide Ultra.

Philippe ECHARDOUR December 15, 2018 01:13 am

Nous avons fait notre road trip du 30 Mai au 17 Juin 2018. Pas un jour de pluie et même deux jours avec forte chaleur. Un parcours magnifique avec des étapes sublimes. Un peu de route 66, les grands parks, la montagne, la Way One. Notre moto une HD Electra Glide presque neuve, superbe machine. C'était notre deuxième voyage avec Eagle Rider et nous en projetons déjà un troisième avec Yellow Stone en point d'orgue. Merci à Eagle Rider pour leur accueil à LA.

Hanspeter Pfeiffer December 14, 2018 08:48 am
Can't wait to do this tour again

I completed this tour in October 2018, and it was probably the best motorbike trip I ever made. The bikes provided by EagleRider were top notch, as was the job from our tour guides Steve and Bill. Although we had to deal with some difficult weather conditions, they always kept it cool and our group's mood up. If necessary, they modified our plans according to the conditions, but always as convenient and enjoyable as possible.
The daily mileage was from under 200 to almost 400, and after leaving the California coast until to the eastern part of Texas, we didn't encounter much traffic on the selected roads, so riding was always a pleasure.
Accommodation was in good and comfortable hotels, from Best Western motels to the Hilton in Daytona, always clean, well equipped and big enough.
I started with a Fat Boy, which I would NOT recommend for such a long tour. After two days I was able to change to our spare bike, a Road King, and with the wind screen and the bags for my personal belongings during the days I was much better off.
All in all, it was the experience of a life time and again: I can't wait to do this trip (and other EagleRider tours) again.