Victory® Cross Country®

Victory® Cross Country®
The 2014 Victory Cross Country Tour is a visual conundrum. At a glance it comes off as the biggest bike in our V-Twin tourer test with its wide fairing and large lower leg fairings. Maybe it’s because the Victory is the longest of the bunch at 108.1 inches, 5.7-inches longer than the Harley and 7.3-inches more than the Voyager. But get the big tourer in motion and its intimidating presence becomes a moot point.
Technical Details
Engine type A-C 50° V-twin
Displacement 1,737.00 cc
Front Tire 130/70ZR-18
Rear Tire 180/60ZR-16
Seat Height 26.30 in (66.80 cm)
Wheel base 65.70 in (166.87 cm)
Fuel Capacity 5.80 gal (21.95 L)
Transmission 6-speed
Frame Aluminum backbone
Fuel Economy 40.00 mpg (17.01 km/L)
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