EagleRider Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions

Requirements for a Motorcycle Rental

You must be at least 21 years old
You must have a valid motorcycle class driver's license
You must have a major credit card

If your are under 21, you must meet the following criteria
  • 18 - 20 Years Old
  • Motorcycle license or endorsement
  • Completed Motorcycle Riding Academy (Harley-Davidson® Authorized Training Program only) or Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) Course
  • Available to rent up to 500cc motorcycles
  • USA Locations ONLY

What is Included in the Rental Rate

Unlimited miles (select models) and no hourly charges
Use of vehicle for a 24 hour period.
Safety Equipment.

Customer Orientation

Every client will receive orientation to the motorcycle. The client orientation will cover all aspects of safe motorcycle operation, the clients' maintenance responsibilities, local and state laws.


EagleRider will provide storage for client luggage, airline tickets, and other valuables free of charge, however at clients' risk.


Fuel costs are the client's responsibility. EagleRider claims no responsibility for motorcycle fuel consumption and mileage. You may purchase Prepaid Fuel at pickup time if the pickup location offers it. If Prepaid Fuel is not purchased and the vehicle needs refueling, a fuel charge will be applied at the time of drop-off if you return the vehicle with a fuel level that is less than the pick-up fuel level or an empty tank.

Helmets (Included in Daily Rental Rate)

Helmets are provided with all motorcycle rentals and all tours at participating locations. Clients are encouraged to bring their own helmets for comfort and style. In addition, helmets may be purchased at many EagleRider rental stations. Helmets are required by law in all locations.

Additional Drivers

1 additional driver is permitted at no extra charge. The minimum age for an additional driver is 21 and a valid motorcycle license is required.

Maintenance Responsibility

The customer is responsible for checking engine oil levels at each refueling and reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at pick-up. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in motorcycle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.

Motorcycle Substitution

EagleRider reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed to rental client. Should EagleRider not be able to provide confirmed motorcycle a similar or better model will be provided to the client. This constitutes the maximum liability of EagleRider.


A security deposit will be taken at pick-up (Authorization Only) and must be processed via valid credit card.

Please reference the Waiver Coverage section for more details.


Violation of listed restrictions voids all VIP Theft & Damage Waivers and client will be held liable for damages. Road Restriction: Rental street motorcycles are not allowed on gravel roads, beaches, logging or other non-public roads. Mexico Restriction: Clients cannot enter Mexico on a USA bike without written authorization or accompanied by an EagleRider Guide. Death Valley WARNING: Entering Death Valley during the months of June & August is dangerous and not recommended.


For reservations under $500, all charges must be paid for at the time of booking. Reservations over $500 are eligible to pay a minimum deposit of 20% at the time of booking. All remaining balances must be paid in full within 30 days from the day that your reservation starts (pick-up date) and are collected automatically on the dates listed on the checkout page. For a group booking that is paid by one credit or debit card, EagleRider will charge the remaining group balance to the same card used for payment at the time of booking.

If you would like to pay the remaining balance with another card or wire transfer, please contact us and make arrangements before the remaining balance due date. By clicking "Book Reservation" at checkout, you give EagleRider permission to charge your card(s) 30 days before the pick-up date. You also authorize EagleRider to re-initiate any charge(s) to your card(s) that is dishonored for any reason. If EagleRider does not receive the remaining balance prior to 30 days before pick-up date, then EagleRider reserves the right to cancel the rental reservation and charge a cancellation fee.


Pick-Up Time of the rental motorcycle is accepted during the rental location business hours.

Return Time of rental motorcycle is accepted during rental location business hours. One rental day is based on a 24-hour rental period starting from the scheduled pick-up time. No refunds for early motorcycle returns are granted.

Late Charge: A $25 per hour penalty is assessed if the motorcycle is returned late from the scheduled drop off time.


All reservations are final and non-refundable.

If you make a reservation without a motorcycle endorsement, no refunds will be provided. If you fail to pick up your rental on the specified pick-up date (no show), you will not receive a full refund.

A reservation may be cancelled up to 30 or more days prior to the pick-up date with no cancellation penalty, and with the contracted amount issued in the form of a Store Credit that can be redeemed within 1 year from the date it was issued. 30% of the total will be applied towards cancellation fee if the booking is canceled between 30 - 21 days from pickup time. 60% of the total will be applied towards cancellation fee if the booking is cancelled between 20 - 11 days from the pick-up time. 100% of the total will be applied towards cancellation fee if the booking is cancelled within 10 days from pickup time or if the customer does not show up. Any and all balances remaining after Cancellation Fees have been applied will be issued in the form of a Store Credit that may be redeemed within one year.

Please note: A $25 admin fee will be applied to a reservation that is modified between 30 - 11 days before pick-up time.

store credits

Store credits owned by an individual may only be used for reservations booked by and for that specific individual. Store Credits can be used once per payment (So once during booking, and multiple during subsequent payments). Store Credits expire 1 year after the issuing date. Store credits can only be applied at locations within the same country as the original booking.

Payment Methods

EagleRider Harley Rentals accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, Travelers Cheques, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. Travelers Cheques are not accepted for security deposit.

Peak Season surcharge

Peak Season surcharge is a fluctuating surcharge that applies during times of high demand.


All rentals during event/rally dates are subject to a daily surcharge and may require minimum days rental period.

Enviromental Surcharge

The Enviromental surcharge is 6.5% for all reservations. This charge covers part of various expenses related but not limited to: oil, fuel, and tire disposal at each location.

Concession Recovery Fee

This charge covers part of the fees associated with the right to do business at certain EagleRider locations.

Booking Terms

Reservation must be paid in full to guarantee rate and rental date.
Reservations are non-refundable.
Discount rates are subject to blackout dates and availability.
All rental models and rates vary by location and season.

Insurance and Protection Plans

Insurance Policies and Surcharges

State mandatory liability insurance is included in your rental. Please check with your rental station which are the state requirements. You are not insured for Damage or Theft. EagleRider offers several options from upgrading your Liability or Damage Waiver. Please carefully check with the insurance provider. Because motorcycle rentals are considered an exotic rental most credit cards and insurance do not transfer the same way as they do with normal car rentals. PLEASE always check your credit company or insurance company for coverage.

Waiver coverage

Not All Theft and Damage Waivers and Supplemental Liability Insurance options are available online. Some locations provide coverages at the time of pick up.

All Theft and Damage Waivers and Supplemental Liability Insurance options are subject to the express terms and conditions of the rental contract and do not include coverage for injury, personal property, or damage as the result of negligence such as illegal use or use of rental while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Police Report is required for all damages or accidents. All damages to rented motorcycle without a police report will be considered to be at the fault of the Renter.

Supplemental Liability Insurance provides supplemental third-party liability insurance at limits excess of state-required minimum financial responsibility limits.

Please note that SLI is supplemental and secondary to all other available insurance where permitted by law.

Supplemental Liability Insurance * ONLY available for participating license USA locations
SLI - $300,000 Coverage

Current pricing is calculated after selecting your motorcycle on the Ride Accessories and Services page during the booking process.

No Coverage purchased VIP Vacation Interruption Protection plus Theft & Damage Waiver VIP-ZERO Vacation Interruption Protection plus Theft & Damage Waiver
Damage Waiver
Include any and all accidental (non-negligent) damage to motorcycle and motorcycle accessories.* See Terms & Conditions

Renter pays
Full Retail Value of ALL damages

Renter pays $2000

Renter pays $0

Theft Coverage
Includes Theft of Motorcycle and motorcycle accessories provided motorcycle was locked with all locks supplied by rental company. Does NOT include personal belongings left on motorcycle or in saddlebags.

Renter pays
Full Retail Value of Motorcycle

Renter pays Up to $5,000 per occurrence.

Renter pays Up to $1,000 per occurrence.

Vacation Interruption Protection (VIP)
In the event of a mechanical breakdown requiring the motorcycle to be in repair for more than 12 hours. Flat tires do not constitute a breakdown.

Refund of daily rental rate or a portion thereof

Renter is provided up to $35/day for a replacement rental + refund of the daily rate

Renter is provided up to $100/day for a replacement rental + refund of the daily rate

Personal Property Loss Protection In the event of theft or damage to personal property and belongings.

Not Included

Not Included

Renter is provided coverage up to $500 for replacement of personal property. A Police Report is required.

Additional Driver Renters are fully covered when exchanging rental motorcycles within your riding group.

Not Included

Not Included

Additional Renter(s) permitted to ride other rental motorcycles within group at no charge. Additional driver must sign rental agreement(s) at time of pick-up.

Flat Tire Coverage

Not Included

Not Included

Covers tire repair/ labor. Towing is covered up to an amount of $100 per occurrence.


$5,000 Deposit

$2,000 Deposit

$100 Deposit


Personal Property Coverage – VIP-ZERO

Personal Property Loss Protection as a result of a motor vehicle accident or theft while personal property is contained in the rented motorcycle: Provides coverage for the Renter & Authorized Driver, with a limit of $500.00 per rental. Proof of ownership of lost property and a Police Report acknowledging losses are required.

You understand that you will be charged the rate per day for a full day even if you don’t have the Motorcycle the entire day.

There are some exclusions to this coverage which we feel you should know. Under VIP-ZERO, in the event of an accident, you will not be protected for Personal Property Loss or Damage:

  1. If VIP-ZERO is not accepted at commencement of the rental or if you fail to pay the charges for VIP-ZERO
  2. If you or an authorized driver operated the Motorcycle in violation of the Rental Agreement. Including, but not limited to, operating the motorcycle while legally intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other absorbed elements.

VIP-ZERO Personal Property Coverage does not cover loss by mysterious disappearance, nor does it cover:

  • Currency, Coins, Stamps, Deeds, Securities, Bullion, Tickets or Documents, CB radios, Cell Phones, Go Pro, Cameras, Radar Detectors, Guns, Merchandise for sale or Fine Art, Contact Lenses or Eyewear, Artificial Teeth and Limbs, Perishables or Animals.
  • Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, moths, vermin, inherent vice or damage sustained due to any process or while actually being worked upon and resulting therefrom, or while in the care, custody or control of any common carrier.
  • Loss caused by war or any act of war;
  • Transporting contraband or illegal trade;
  • Loss by nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination;
  • Loss or damage due to theft unless reported to Police.

All losses by theft must be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities and a copy of the filed report must be presented to the rental office or they will not be covered. Coverage is excluded if the renter is in violation of the Rental Agreement.

Current Market value for claimed property will be deemed reasonable and acceptable for reimbursement under this coverage.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Coverage provides towing and roadside assistance by an EagleRider approved vendor if your motorcycle becomes inoperable. The benefits include emergency road service towing (within 30 miles of occurrence) emergency fuel delivery (up to 2 gallons) and jump start services. In purchasing the Roadside Assistance Coverage, we will waive the cost of any approved tow or road side assistance service unlimited.

Motorcycle Model Guarantee

Any reservation made within 48 hours of pickup is subject to availability. Please call our store location to confirm. By choosing to take advantage of our Motorcycle Model Guaranteed, you can rest assured that the model you selected will be available upon your arrival. If you choose not to take advantage of this option, and in the event that your model of choice is not available, you will still receive a comparable model.

International Locations

Please Note:
Local laws may vary based on the country of your pick-up location. Please review the international versions for the following countries: