Campagna® T-REX®

Campagna® T-REX®
Experience the power of the BMW 1600cc in-line 6-cylinder engine and the handling of this low center of gravity and sport oriented T-REX. Enjoy the electrifying ride and the comfort of this three wheel formula inspired car. With exotic and unique looks, this T-REX 16S will provide you with the excitement of the ultimate driving experience.
Technical Details
Wheelbase 90" (2286 mm)
Width 78" (1981 mm)
Length 138" (3500 mm)
Height 42"(1067 mm)
Weight 1156 lb (524 kg)
Wheels Front: Aluminum wheel 16"x7" Campagna Design Rear: Aluminum wheel 18"x10,5" Campagna Design
Tires (Front) 205/45/ZR16 tire size
Tires (Rear) 275/40R18 tire size
Engine In-line 6 cylinders BMW® engine of 1 649 cc
Compression Ratio 12,2:1
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