Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

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Self-Drive Tour 8 Giorni / 7 Notti
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  • 823.0 mi = 1316.8 km
  • Estate, Primavera
  • 35.0 - 90.0°F = 1.7 - 32.2°C

Gear up for the motorcycle adventure of your lifetime on EagleRider’s Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour. For 8 days you will ride through some of the most scenic land in the West including a tour through hundreds of miles of virtually untouched American Indian Territory. Climb on your Harley and get ready to experience the most beautiful 52 miles in America as you ride along the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway and head into the Yellowstone National Park. For two days you will be surrounded by Mother Nature at its finest with the best forest and lake views anyone can ask for. By the time you ride your bike back to Billings, Montana you will have a new understanding for the Great American Outdoors. Book your Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour today!

Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour - Itinerario di viaggio

Arrive in Bozeman and transfer to your hotel. Bozeman is where Montana territory began, and where your historical and cultural “passport” to the legendary West begins. Overnight.
This morning you pick up your bike at EagleRider’s Belgrade location and you head to the “Magic City”. Your first stop today should be in Livingston - a town locked in the 1940’s - and then your ride will take you south on Hwy 89 to ride the Northern portion of Yellowstone. You are in for a treat today as you ride Beartooth Highway as you make your way back into Billings.
This morning you pick up your bike at EagleRider’s Billings location and you leave “Magic City” on Hwy 90 south. Enjoy a ride through legendary territory – Custer Country, the gateway to the Battlefield and the Bighorn River. Just a few miles out of Billings you arrive in Hardin, which borders Crow Indian Reservation and serves as a trading center for its people. Another 15 miles south of Hardin and you find yourself at the main entrance to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. This monument commemorates the dramatic climax of the Indian Wars by preserving the site of this American Indian victory. Stick with Hwy 90 all the way into Sheridan, located halfway between the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park in the valley of the Little and Big Goose. Overnight.
Take Hwy 14, the” Bighorn Scenic Byway” and you are in for a most beautiful ride through Bighorn National Forest and over the Bighorn Mountains. Cross 8,950-foot Granite Pass and wind through scenic Shell Falls and Canyon. Your ride will take you through Greybull, named after a local American Indian legend that claimed a great albino buffalo once roamed in the area. You might prefer to take Hwy 14A “the Medicine Wheel Passage” instead and pass by Medicine Mountain near the enigmatic Medicine Wheel. Hwy 14 (14A) will take you all the way into Cody, a self-conscious frontier town and a busy center for local ranching. Take some time to visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center while here. Overnight.
Continue your adventure on Hwy 14/16, often referred to as the “Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway” through the North Fork of Shoshone River canyon en route to the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. President Theodore Roosevelt designated this portion of Hwy 14 the most scenic 52 miles in America. Shoshone National Forest was established by presidential proclamation in 1891 as the nation’s first forest reserve. Ride up to the northern tip of Yellowstone Lake and take Hwy 89 toward Canyon, where you cross over to West Yellowstone, which is your base for the next two nights.
West Yellowstone is the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park and you have all day to enjoy one of the true wonders of the natural world. A veritable greatest hits of Mother Nature, the park is simply packed full of geysers, magnificent canyons, raging waterfalls, and still wildlife. The country’s (and the world’s) oldest national park, established in 1872, Yellowstone was explored by frontiersman John Colter, who passed through in 1808; it’s also one of the lower 48 states never to be farmed or fenced. The one essential Yellowstone sight you don’t want to miss is Old Faithful Geyser, in the southwest quarter of the park. Old Faithful is known for its clockwork eruptions, in which some 5,000 gallons of boiling water are sent 150 feet into the air, forming a solid, steamy column. The other main sight is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, where a pair of powerful waterfalls cascade into a 20-mile long, half-mile wide, and 1,000 foot-deep canyon of eroding yellow stone. Take some time and stop by a visitor center, talk to rangers, and find out what other wonders await. Overnight.
Out of West Yellowstone pick up Hwy 287 (rather than Hwy 191, which is extremely busy) and head up to Ennis, located in the broad, rolling Madison Valley, flanked on both sides with mountain ranges. Built along the Madison River, the town is convenient to the historic gold-mining towns of Virginia City and Nevada City. Follow Hwy 287 into Twin Bridges and then continue on Hwy 41/55 to Whitehall – a scenic ride around Beaverhead National Forest, part of the huge complex of national forests occupying most of western Montana. At Whitehall take Hwy 2 into Three Forks, an old favorite American Indian hunting ground near the headwaters of the Missouri River. From here it’s a straight ride over to Bozeman, named after John Bozeman who brought the first wagon train of pioneers to settle the Gallatin Valley. Upon arrival it will be time to return your bike and transfer to your hotel. Overnight.
Today your exciting trip will come to an end with your departure flight back home. Please let us know if you want to schedule your next amazing Self-Drive motorcycle tour!
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