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Mark Holte March 27, 2018 10:52 am
Great location, Great Rental, Fantastic People

So we selected Eagle Rider out of Stormy Hill Harley Davidson - Clermont FL for a Road King rental since our friends were coming down from Jacksonville with their HD Anniversary FatBoy for the weekend. First time using a Florida Eagle Rider location and I have to say this group is absolutely fantastic. We showed up a little before our actual pickup time at 10:00 AM and met Allen Tillis. Allen asked for my license and a major CC (I always take the full insurance, makes riding less stressful) and told us to drop in the store and look around as he completes the pickup process and he will come get us. I cannot say enough good things about Allen, Eagle Rider and Stormy Hill Harley -Davidson. The entire Stormy Hill Harley-Davidson staff made us feel very comfortable even though we were only renting and not buying. Completely different than many other HD dealers I have been to (not during any rental experience). Allen had the Road King already outside waiting for us and after a couple of minutes of "signing my life away" he and I did the once around to check out the Road King for me to take possession. We went over a few details and any questions I had Allen had the right answer. We told him we would be back the next day in the morning, shook hands, saddled up and our friend and we were ready to head out for the day and some great riding. I will be back to Stormy Hill ER in a couple of weeks for another rental and look forward to this location as they have shown what good customer service is. Keep up the good work Stormy Hill Eagle Rider. Allen, Iris and Dawn make the Eagle Rider experience an absolute joy to appreciate and one of the reasons to either join or stay with Eagle Rider. Thank you very much for making the weekend a fun one of us.