Texas 3 Day Motorcycle Tour

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Uten reiseleder-tur 3 Dager/2 Netter
  • 583.0 mi = 932.8 km
  • sommer, vår, høst
  • 50.0 - 100.0°F = 10.0 - 37.8°C

For three days you will ride through the heart of the Lone Star State on EagleRider’s Dallas Motorcycle Tour. This self-drive tour begins in Dallas, Texas and takes you on a ride to Wichita Falls, Childress, and Abilene. You will get to see everything along the journey from red and gold canyon lands to miles of rolling juniper covered hills and even make a stop in Fort Worth at the Stockyards Hotel, a spot made famous by the legendary Bonnie and Clyde. EagleRider’s Dallas Motorcycle Tour is a 3 day self-drive adventure you don’t want to miss.

Texas 3 Day Motorcycle Tour - Reiserute for turen

From Dallas/Irving you head northeast and ride Hwy 287 up to Wichita Falls. It’s hard to believe that the waterfall that gave Wichita Falls its name could exist in this flat country…You continue your ride close to the Oklahoma border and are on your way to Childress, a vintage Texas town built around an old Spanish zocalo. Overnight.
Pick up US 83 and south of Childress you pass through a magnificent landscape of rich red and gold canyonlands covered with vast groves of trees and arrive at Paduca, a cotton town. As you continue south on Hwy 83 you get deeper in the heart of Texas, surrounded by miles and miles of green grass, red earth, mesquite and juniper trees, windmills, pump supplies, and peanut dryers. Ride down to Abilene, where you overnight.
Today you ride through Texas backyard, where farmlands and rough-cut, juniper-covered hills give way to treeless, sandy landscapes. Before you get back to Dallas you should make a stop at Fort Worth and see the Stockyards Hotel, where Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker once slept. Return to Dallas/Irvine and return your bike.
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