EagleRider Rapid City Bewertungen

JEFFREY COSTA June 27, 2018 08:32 pm
Rental From Black Hills Eagle Rider

First off I want to say I was hesitant, to rent from Eagle Rider, due to the reviews that I had read prior to my arrival in South Dakota
That was the first mistake, reading reviews from people that probably never rented a bike before.

Once we arrived we waited for another couple to fly in, and then we went to BH HD to check in. Patti informed me that we were early which was cool, and our bikes were in the shop being serviced per HD specs.That was already a PLUS in their corner.
We went for lunch and as time past I received a call from Patti stating the bikes were ready for pick-up.
When we got back to BH HD the bikes were in front waiting for us, both bikes were Ultra Limiteds as ordered, they were clean and like brand new. They also ran as my own HD Street Glide does perfectly. Even their rental helmets were like brand new. My wife and I bring our own but our friends rented they were very pleased.

Needless to say the trip went off without a hitch, the bikes were 2018s and ran like they are supposed to PERFECTLY, & WITHOUT A PROBLEM.

Patti has been there many years with BH HD Rentals and she & her associate were OUTSTANDING, knowledgeable and just great to deal with. You will have no worries renting from them.

I will give you one piece of advise.

Take the insurance that is extra per day it is cheap, this covers you for anything, including hail, if you have never been in a hail storm, you won't understand, but you will understand, when it hails it will total anything it hits.
We experienced it on the third day. Luckily the weather was bad in the morning and we took the SUV for the day, and the bikes stayed in the garage, but if we were on the road we were well insured and the damage would have been covered 100%.

I hope this helps, and eases your doubts on the NEW EAGLE RIDER RENTALS.

Thank you Patti and the Black Hills Harley Davidson Team were guys are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff & Melody Costa

Vern Spohn June 16, 2018 11:06 am
Rapid City Harley Rental

A great store and a great rental agency. Our bikes were in excellent condition and we had 4 days of great worry-free riding in the beautiful Black Hills. Patty, the young lady who checked us in and out was outstanding. I highly recommend this place.