EagleRider Orlando Bewertungen

James Stradley February 10, 2019 01:19 am
Just OK! Dealership didn’t have good things to say.....makes you wonder

We made an online reservation for the same day, 2/9/19. Reservation went through fine. I thought I’d better follow up with a phone call. Found out the location I made the reservation only has 2 bikes they rent and neither were available. We wanted a HD Street Glide, the only bike available at the main dealership was an HD Electra Glide, Camilla said if we wanted it she would have it moved from one dealership to the one we chose and no extra charge. Great! On our way to pick up the bike we called again to confirm the bike had been moved. Agent that answered the phone didn’t know anything and couldn’t help us. We called the location and they didn’t know anything about it. Said this was not unusual for Eagle Rider. Called back Camilla was back from lunch, she assured us it was enroute but couldn’t tell us when it left or would arrive. Camilla did add additional time to our rental for our inconvenience. We finally got the bike about 1 hour after our reservation but it was brand new with only 27 miles on it. The bike is great but i’m Skeptical about joining.

Emanuel Pontoriero April 10, 2017 08:13 pm
Great Service and Ride

Joined the Eaglerider Club. It sounded too good to be true and I kept waiting for the hidden fees. Well I got a Harley Heritage in the most amazing blue for 2 days for less than half of what I would have paid at the dealer. Can't wait for my next ride.

Brian` Lavergne March 3, 2017 07:44 am
Orlando Conference

Hi my name is Brian and I'm from Ottawa, Canada. My wife had a conference last week and together we flew down to Orlando. Well knowing how little time she would have with me, I rented a motorcycle from EagleRider and went on a road trip. My wife and her co-worker dropped me off at EagleRider on Jetport Dr after we landed at the airport and I went in to sign the paperwork. We went out to look at the bike. She was a beauty a BMW 1200RT with the saddle bags and the trunk. So after a few explanations about fuel, GPS, Locks, cleaning emergency calls off I went to Miami. I stayed overnight and the next day headed down and back to Key West. Yes I got my feet wet stepping into the ocean at the end of Highway 1. Cross that off my bucketlist!
Drove from Miami the next day to Fort Myers and picked up a hitchhiker in my rear tire - a 3/16 inch steel staple. The tire went completely flat just as I arrived at the hotel. Thank God for small favors! I called EagleRider and Mindy started the process to get the bike picked up and the tire replaced. 20 minutes later I got a call saying the tow truck was downstairs waiting for me. I drove with the driver to the shop where the tire was replaced right away. They road tested the bike and gave her back to me. Mindy was called and all payments looked after by EagleRider Orlando.
I arrived back in Orlando at EagleRider on Jetport Dr. and Mindy was helping another group of people and mentioned she wouldn't be very long. I just nodded to her. When she came back I asked if her name was Mindy. Right away she said you must be Brian. I thanked her for all the help she provided the previous day getting that incident taken care of. That my friends was service I appreciated.
Mindy checked the bike over and she was surprised that it was washed and waxed, had a full tank of 93% octane gas and that the carrying bags and truck were spick and span clean. I mentioned that if you treat the bike well it will last a long time. Treat it like its yours!
So I met up with my wife and she says we should rent a bike in Las Vegas and drive over to Utah, Arizona and New Mexico - see the sites we want to visit, ride back to Las Vegas then fly home to Canada. Don't you just love a woman like that! Guess who has plans for another ride? Safe riding you guys.

Celeste Kubasta May 18, 2016 01:16 pm
Great Service

Thanks to Eaglerider I had an awesome vacation and ride in Florida. I was trying other rental places, which were not helpful. I have owned 18 Harleys and I know what I like to ride. I rented a Fatboy and it was in great condition. It was a positive experience and thanks to these guys, I will rent from Eaglerider again. Their service, response to emails, and availability for information is outstanding.

Kate Prewett March 7, 2016 09:23 am
Harley trike hire was exceptional

My husband hired a trike for bikeweek and it was his first time hiring a bike , the customer service we got there was out of this world Matt who took care of him when it came to paperwork and advice and Lora for letting us in early as we was eager to get trike☺.
Showing us all the controls on the bike and generally very very nice people

Now about the bike
It was totally out of this world, my hubby only had a issue with neutral but that wasn't the bikes fault just him getting used to it.
Rode it to Daytona we took scenic root on way there and the trike was just amazing. Sounded nice and rode like it was on rails

On returning it it was full and the staff was again helpful and friendly and I WILL BE RENTING FROM EAGLERIDER AGAIN AND RECOMMEND YOU GUYS AND GIRLS BACK HOME


Davanzo Ugo February 5, 2016 03:53 pm

Durante un viaggio di lavoro ho avuto un giorno libero per fare un giretto.
Ero un po' preoccupato perché non potevo essere sicuro della data a non volevo comunque restare a piedi.
Ho telefonato in negozio e mi hanno chiesto quale modello volevo, mi hanno rassicurato sulla ampia disponibilità: quando volevo sarei semplicemente dovuto andare da loro e ritirare la moto.
Mi pareva un po' troppo semplice ma così ho fatto e in 20 minuti scarsi ero in sella ad una fantastica HD Road Glide Ultra rossa.
Non è il mio tipo di moto ma una prova lunga inFlorida non me la sono lasciata sfuggire ed è stato veramente emozionante.

Noleggiate senza timore da Eagle Rider, Orlando merita 5 stelle per tutto, gentilezza, disponibilità,competenza e qualità delle moto, credo che anche le altre sedi siano uguali.

per me, numero Uno !

For English please use google

Marian Solc February 2, 2016 12:25 pm

Ask for Chip as soon as you get there ! he help us thru the processes, from answering ALL our questions, choosing the right bike for us and finally closing the deal. Our bike was not ready to take home with us for a couple of days, but not worries ! Chip used his magic and gave us a loaner bike to use until ours was ready, delivered to our front door just in time to go for a ride in a beautiful Saturday afternoon Florida weather. Every one is just Amazing, ready to help, answer your questions or simply get you a cup of tea. We are not only satisfied with the customer service, we are coming back to buy a second bike soon. They also offer classes. Thanks Chip and all staff for your kindness.

Joseph Bastis Sr. January 26, 2016 03:45 pm
Excellent Service... Good People ! ! !

Orlando Eagleriders are awesome people ! I was just blown away by the professionalism of the entire staff. I come down from Boston to visit a good friend in Sanford. Eagleriders picks me up at the airport and put me on a beautiful clean late model motorcycle ( last year was Harley Electraglide this year will be an Indian ) and off I go ! ..... When I return they will bring to the airport. It really doesn't get any better than that. Totally painless and affordable especially being a member.... Thank you Eagleriders, praise the Lord, Hallelujah ! ! !

susan quattrocchi January 19, 2016 01:30 pm
01/16/2016 RA#MCO19276

to Whom it may concern:

I went on to my iphone to see if there were any motorcycle rental businesses in the area. I found Eaglerider. I called the number and was greeted by the most pleasant young lady. I'm sorry that i didn't get her name. she shared that she had one motorcycle available. I needed two. She then told me that she could have a second one within an hour. My friend and I jumped in the car, and when we arrived, got to meet that pleasant young lady. She was so knowledgeable about the entire process. We left within a half hour with two motorcycles. Upon returning the cycles, she showed us some great tee shirts, which we purchased 7. She is an asset to any company. I wish she was here in RI. I would hire her myself. She is a shining star in Eaglerider. thank you for amazing service.

Susan Quattrocchi
Rhode Island

Jon Acker July 15, 2015 03:53 pm
A Great Ride!

I arrived at the Orlando Rental office at 9 am and was on the road by 9:30. Matt and Laura were very friendly and great to deal with. Matt was very thorough showing me the ins and outs of the bike, since it was a model I had never ridden before.

The bike looked and ran great. I had a great time checking out the sights. when I returned the next morning, Matt checked me in and Laura gave me a ride on the shuttle back to my hotel.

I couldn't ask for a better experience. I'll definitely be back!