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Andrzej Kopec April 4, 2020 03:25 am
Coast to Coast Tour 12th/28 March 2020 - Andrzej & Katie Kopec

A most memorable Coast to Coast EagleRider Tour in more ways than one, given the current global pandemic situation.

All credit for completing this amazing tour (of some 3,600 miles) must go to Bill Davis and Bill Johnson (our tour guide and support driver) and the EagleRider setup. We were the only EagleRider tour running!

The logistics that Bill & Bill had to work out on a daily basis, to ensure that we had accommodation, food and fuel along the way, whilst most outlets were shut or shutting, was outstanding, allowing most of us to complete the tour.

Given the unprecedented global situation and its affect in the USA, the motorcycle riding through 8 States in all weathers, was itself, just amazing.

Being able to swim ( or at least dip your toes) in the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic and the sheer elation of finishing the tour was truly special and something we will never forget.

Thank you once again EagleRider
Andrzej & Katie Kopec
12th to 28th March 2020

Hanspeter Pfeiffer December 14, 2018 08:48 am
Can't wait to do this tour again

I completed this tour in October 2018, and it was probably the best motorbike trip I ever made. The bikes provided by EagleRider were top notch, as was the job from our tour guides Steve and Bill. Although we had to deal with some difficult weather conditions, they always kept it cool and our group's mood up. If necessary, they modified our plans according to the conditions, but always as convenient and enjoyable as possible.
The daily mileage was from under 200 to almost 400, and after leaving the California coast until to the eastern part of Texas, we didn't encounter much traffic on the selected roads, so riding was always a pleasure.
Accommodation was in good and comfortable hotels, from Best Western motels to the Hilton in Daytona, always clean, well equipped and big enough.
I started with a Fat Boy, which I would NOT recommend for such a long tour. After two days I was able to change to our spare bike, a Road King, and with the wind screen and the bags for my personal belongings during the days I was much better off.
All in all, it was the experience of a life time and again: I can't wait to do this trip (and other EagleRider tours) again.