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Rob Marshall May 8, 2019 11:44 am
Baja Tour April 2019

We had a great tour with Brad & Jerry who were both excellent at their jobs and very knowledgeable.
We also had great weather and good company with the rest of the riders on the tour, even "do you want another beer Rob" Graham with his hands in the beer cooler, who just wanted to get me intoxicated, later realising he was on the lights and handing me the full strength stuff.

Anyway I did a small video of the tour on You Tube which can be seen on the link below.

Rob & Nicky

Kate Tiernan February 20, 2019 08:41 am
My son is doing this trip

My son has prepared for months to do this trip with others. They have pulled out and he still plans to do this alone. Do you have any suggestions for him and reassurances for a worried mother. He leaves March 8 from Portland, OR with plans to travel down the coast to BAJA.

Patrick Bowman January 2, 2019 07:59 pm
BAJA 2020

My name is Patrick Bowman

I took this BAJA trip in both 2018, and 2019.

In 2018, Stefano led, and Brad followed in the truck
In 2019, they reversed roles.

The truck carries all your luggage, and lots of bottled water, and other refreshments for the end of the riding day. In addition, 2 spare Harley’s

I am going for record 3rd time in as many years
Because I hate snow and salt. In addition, You will have the time of your life.
I LOVE EagleRiders, and so will you.

The scenery in BAJA is every changing. Beyond incredible

Do yourself a favor, take this trip

I just learned my trip is already SOLD-OUT
Book early.......have fun

Bring a lanyard for your motorcycle key, and wheel- lock key


Giovanni Rossello March 23, 2018 01:54 am

Viaggio bellissimo immersi nella natura. Panorami indimenticabili in montagna e sulla costa. Guida rilassata con lunghi rettilinei ma anche tanti curvoni. Grazie alle nostre fantastiche guide Stefano e Brad ci siamo immersi nella cultura locale apprezzando la storia, le tradizioni e l' ottimo cibo locale.
Ancora grazie a Stefano che mi aveva consigliato questo tour!!

John Stuart March 21, 2018 10:50 am
Far exceeded our expectations!!

Hi KEN (our tour agent),

I must tell you that the BAJA tour with BRAD & BRANDON far exceeded our expectations . These guys gave us the red carpet treatment.Great history lessons along the way. I was a bit nervous heading out not knowing what to expect venturing out into BAJA but those fears were soon put to rest. Saw some of the most beautiful scenery.WE felt very safe and comfortable & hotels were great.They knew good restaurants & taco stands not to mention the good fun at the end of the day. Bikes ran flawless & at the end of it all I think I came home a better rider.EAGLE RIDER gets an 11 out of 10. THANX for all the hard work and planning. We had a great group that all just clicked.


Brynja Kristjánsdóttir November 16, 2017 11:51 am
I was in heaven!! - Baja Guided Motorcycle Tour 2017

I was in heaven !
Stefano and Alex were the best.
Not only knew they almost everything there is to know about Baja and would inform us all about it,

They knew all the best restaurants so I had great food both for lunch and dinner, I loved that 

They took so good care of us all the time and not to talk about how nice it was to be around their good humor and personality every day.

I could go on forever talking about this tour and them, but will let this be enough for now.

5 star tour.

Until next tour :)

Best regards,

Brynja Kristjánsdóttir

Schubert Stefan May 7, 2017 09:45 am
Baja California Tour April 9th-23rd, 2017

My name is Stefan Schubert and together with my wife we just finished a.m. Baja California tour. It was our 3rd tour with Eagle Rider ( after Route 66 in 2015 and Canada and Yellowstone in 2016 ).
This Baja California tour was again a great experience for us. Tour was well organized and Stefano ( together with Alex as Van driver ) was a really excellent and absolute customer focused tour leader.
It was a good advantage that thery know Baia, they both spoke the language (Spanish), in such a land as Mexico it is then much easier to bring us more near to the native life of Mexicans. We were everywhere very welcomed, in San Ignacio an older man come to his Taco stand in the evening just for us to make us excellent tacos. It was everywhere clear that Stefano is very empatic and people like him very much . He was very open, always helpful and could handle each situation with a positive approach and a smile. He was care of us more or less 24 hours/day.

We thank Eagle Rider that we could spend again more than 2 weeks of our life with nice people in a nice country.

With best regards from Austria
Stefan & Martina

Mario Stojic May 6, 2017 05:57 pm
Baja Trip April 9-24th 2017

By way of introduction, my name is Mario Stojic. My wife, Christine and I had the pleasure of participating in the April 2017 Baja ride, and what a ride it was. I guess you need no description of what it was like as just the mere mention of it would fill in the details.

This was our first guided tour with Eaglerider and certainly will not be our last. That decision is based primarily on the strength of your tour guides. Lead guide Stefano Trampetti and van guide Alex.

Stefano has the most remarkable temperament, always friendly, courteous and happy, even when faced with adversity. He handled the tour extremely professionally and never let any of his concerns be felt by the participants on the tour. His knowledge and recommendations were always insightful and led to positive outcomes and experiences.

Alex, well he just made everyone laugh with his cats meow catch cry, it became so infectious that everyone on the tour started to meow by the end, heck I find myself doing it after the tour still... Alex was always at the ready to ply us with water during stops and the end of day "refreshment".

Stefano and Alex are such a good team, they made it easy to be on the tour. Even showing us some amazing off tour stops (San Javier mission around Loreto) on our day off ride.

So in summary , this was our first guided tour and both my wife and I felt some trepidation in participating as we generally ride by ourselves. Your "Rock Star" tour guides handled it so well, we are looking at doing other tours based on them being our guides again. I will certainly be asking for them in the future.

Thanks to Eaglerider and your Rock Star guides... we look forward to riding with you again very soon.

Mario and Christine Stojic

Ian Michell March 29, 2017 09:00 am
Baja Tour

Baja seems to be a well kept secret ( in terms of world travel ) in the UK

Blue ocean, great coastlines and scenery, warm weather and friendly people make it your basic nightmare on a Harley

As far as Eaglerider tours go the bikes hotels and administration were all great

Our tour staff were Jeff in charge, Brad as deputy and DJ as van driver

They were all helpful and friendly and always pointed you towards a great photo opportunity or place to eat

Their experience was obvious in the unobtrusive way they monitored the group for hydration levels and the competence and experience of individuals

Both the length of the daily ride and the distance between stops ( in hours ) were well judged

I would not hesitate to recommend Eaglerider, this tour or the individuals named to anyone who enjoys Harleys

Thank you for your patience and humour, I will remember this vacation for a long time

Back in the UK it is 40F cooler, 50" of rain wetter and the pace of life about 10 times faster but as I learned in Baja it dozenfuggenmetta

Best wishes

Ian Michell

Jackie and Tez Compton March 29, 2017 09:00 am
Baja Tour

Good afternoon

We have just returned from the Baja tour and our heads are buzzing. What an absolutely unbelievable experience that words struggle to describe. The riding and scenery are just out of this world. The beaches are just like paradise and the hotels were all excellent. Oh and did I mention the food - this is a gastronomic delight!!

Our guides Jeff and Brad we knew from Route 66 and it was great meeting up with old friends and also making new friends, DJ who was the back up driver turned out to be a real cool surfer dude. These guys made the trip - they take you to all the best places and every day was living the dream!!

There is so much more I could say but what happens in Baja stays in Baja!! - our advise it to do the trip and do it now!!

We will be doing another trip and will be requesting the dream team


Jackie and Tez Compton