EagleRider Maui Kihei Bewertungen

Paola Arecco, Giovanni Rossello, Laura De Filippi, Massimo Ferrari September 7, 2016 09:14 am
Absolutely Fantastic

To the polite attention of the coordinator

Dear Madam,
We are going to send a feedback of the tour "Wild West" we had from June 23 to July 6 2016. We hope you will appreciate.
First of all, thank you for planning a tour for Italian people. Most of us do not speak English, so we couldn't have fully enjoyed the tour.
As it regards the bikes, they were in very good conditions and suitable to the trip. There were few problems, immediately solved by our guides.
The tour was fantastic: the landscape, the hotels, the rides fully met our expectations.
The tour was very hard because of high temperatures, but the organisation was impeccable and despite our age (from 53 to 61) we have not realised the heat.
As it regards the guides, they were absolutely fantastic: Stefano Trampetti was a wonderful leader, he has inspired us safety and desire to ride in group, (it wasn't so easy : we were 18 bikers), during the journey and during the stops He really made our tour pleasant.
Will, the driver of the van, has accompanied and protected us, keeping the group united.
He cuddled us patientely; he was always ready to cool people off in hot weather, and we really needed all that, because of high temperatures we had to face.
Finally, it was a wonderful tour we won't forget and we would like to thank EagleRider for everything. We hope to be your clients again in the future!