EagleRider Fort Myers Bewertungen

Heath Jarvis December 25, 2017 11:57 am
Website needs a little work

I rented an Iron 883 for my brother-in-law during his Christmas visit from Ohio. On the website, it gives you the option to rent a helmet, and gives you the option of different styles of helmets. I chose full-face, knowing that the Iron doesn't have a windshield, and we'd be riding all day. When we got there, all they had were half-helmets. No full-face, no 3/4, just half-helmets. He doesn't ride much, and the wind beat him up pretty good that day.

If you don't have full-face helmets, that's fine. But the option shouldn't be available on your website. If I'd known that full-face helmets weren't available, we would have borrowed a full-face from someone instead of paying to rent a helmet that wasn't what we needed.