EagleRider Austin Bewertungen

Ron Schneidereit June 13, 2018 07:52 am
Epic Time at ROT Rally

My friend on short notice decided to ride from CA to Austin on his 2018 StreetGlide to visit me and enjoy ROT Rally and touring the Hill Country. I rented a bike, so I could roll with him. My credit union became a problem and blocked EagleRider. Despite several calls to the credit union, they just blamed EagleRider. (it was not EagleRider). Taco, at Cowboy Harley was tremendously helpful and patient, he came up with several ideas and with the help of Tim P. at EagleRider, I was able to roll out with a Harley as planned. Cowboy Harley was great, the staff was friendly and helpful. Tim P. was very responsive and worked quickly as he was getting on a plane to resolve the issue. I had the greatest weekend in the past 6+ years!! Looking forward to next month's ride from Cowboy and EagleRider. Thanks all for helping making it happen!!!

Howard Cashner June 8, 2018 05:52 pm
Hill Country tour

I rented from Cowboy Harley/Eaglerider and took a tour of the Hiil Country. I would highly recommend renting from this operation. The service was great, people were friendly and made recommendations for the ride. Thanks guy!