There are four ways you can always stretch your riding dollar with EagleRider:

  1. Plan travel outside of our highest peak demand periods, which are typically August & September. The weather in July in the USA is no different than in August, and the same logic applies to September and much of October.
  2. Bring friends – Groups of 4 or more riders enjoy a 10% discount on rentals and a 5% discount on tours during several months of the year
  3. Ride longer – Our pricing is set up to give you greater value the longer you ride
  4. Package & Save – Package your motorcycle rental with our EagleRider Motorcycle Friendly Hotels and enjoy savings from 10% - 30%

You can also find our latest Special Offers on our Deals page.

We accept a current and valid driver’s license from your home country with the proper class or endorsement permitting you to ride the motorcycle, or equivalent of the motorcycle, you are renting. Please note: State laws apply to your rental vehicle and its use.

When picking up from locations in the United States:

Licenses issued from the United States:

· Two-wheel vehicles: Motorcycles

o All 50 states require some sort of motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license which is equivalent to the motorcycle you are renting.

· Three-wheel: Trikes

o A three-wheel vehicle endorsement may be required

Here are some examples of alternative licenses that we accept:

Licenses issued from the European Union (Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden):

· A1/A2 – Will allow you to rent scooters.

· A – Will allow you to rent motorcycles or scooters.

· B1 – Will allow you to rent three-wheeled vehicles.

Licenses issued from Canada:

· Class 6 designation – For all provinces except for Ontario

o Ontario

§ Class M1: Will allow you to rent motorcycles and scooters during daylight hours with speed limit no more than 80 km/h on limited highways. Please view here for more details.

§ Class M2: Will allow you to rent motorcycles.

§ Class M: Will allow you to rent motorcycles or scooters.

§ Class M Condition M: Will allow you to rent three-wheeled vehicles.

Licenses issued from Australia:

· R-Date – Will allow you to ride scooters.

· R – Will allow you to ride motorcycles or scooters.

Licenses issued from Brazil:

· Category A - designation on your driver’s license to ride any motorcycle or scooters.

International Driver’s Permits (not required for EagleRider):

· Although not required, it is recommended for all visitors with a license in a foreign language to obtain an IDP.

· If your license is legible, we will accept it.

Depending on your state issued license requirements, a motorcycle endorsement may not be required*. States that do not require a motorcycle endorsement to drive the Slingshot: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington. For these states, a driver's license is sufficient.

International customers – please follow the laws from which your license originates regarding the three-wheel endorsement.

NOTICE: Laws and regulations are subject to change. Please confirm information with your local authorities.

Please visit our Driver's License Requirements Page for more information.

Depending on your state issued license requirements, a 3-wheel motorcycle license may be required to drive the Can-Am Spyder*. The states of California, Nevada, and South Carolina do not require a 3-wheel motorcycle license and a driver's license is sufficient to rent the Can-Am Spyder. For more information, please use the Can-Am's License Requirements Tool to find relevant information about your state's requirements.

NOTICE: Laws and regulations are subject to change. Please confirm given information with your local authorities.

Please visit our Driver's License Requirements Page for more information.

For rental reservations totaling more than $1,000 USD and booked more than 30 days before pick-up date, a minimum deposit of 20% is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full at least 30 days before the pick-up date.

It completely covers damage and partially covers theft. Renter pays $0 per damage occurrence and up to $1,000 per theft occurrence. Please reference our Terms & Conditions for more details.

It partially covers damage and theft. Renter pays $2,000 USD per damage occurrence and up to $5,000 USD per theft occurrence. Please reference our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Du kan købe regntøj på de fleste udlejningskontorer, men vi lejer ikke regntøj ud.

Ja. Når du er færdig med at tjekke ind på udlejningskontoret, vil en af vores team-medlemmer foretage en grundig gennemgang af din EagleRider motorcykel. Gennemgangen omfatter en grundig skade- og sikkerhedsinspektion, samt en detaljeret gennemgang af funktioner, herunder motortænding og slukningsprocedurer, bremser, blinklys, nødblinklys, stereoanlæg, sadeltasker, kabel og skivelås, placering og opbevaring af motorcykelens registreringspapirer og meget mere. Sørg for at stille så mange spørgsmål som muligt, så du føler dig 100 % fortrolig og sikker med hensyn til din motorcykel inden du kører af sted.

EagleRider offers additional protection for ATVs for $25 USD/day. Please select this option when checking out.

While not standard on motorcycle rentals, helmet communication devices are available for purchase at most EagleRider locations including: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Denver, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, and Chicago.

Trailers and sweeper vans are available for rent at the following EagleRider locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami, Orlando, and Chicago. RAM mounts can be purchase at the same locations.

Supplemental Liability Insurance protects the renter and the passenger with third party liability coverage. We currently only offer Supplemental Liability Insurance that covers up to $300,000 USD.

We encourage our customers to return their rental bikes during business hours in order to close out their reservation and avoid additional charges that may occur when a motorcycle is unaccounted for.

All locations are open to walk-ins during their respective business hours.

EagleRider has no sidecars rigs at this time.

Most locations can offer the following bikes with saddlebags and a backrest: Electra Glide, Street Glide, Road King, Heritage Softail, Fat Boy, Indian Chieftain, Indian Vintage, Indian Roadmaster, BMW 1200GS, BMW 1200R, and Honda Goldwing. These bikes can also usually be offered with saddlebags: Sportster 1200, Sportster 883, Indian Scout, Low Rider, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Tiger 800, and Honda ST1300.

Jacket rentals are available at most stores in both leather and textile. We also have a large selection of jackets available for purchase.

EagleRider does not provide airport pick-up or reimburse taxi expenses for transportation to or from the airport.

***Note: A Police Report is required for all damages or accidents. All damages to rented motorcycle without a police report will be considered to be at the fault of the Renter.

VIP Plus Theft & Damage Waiver: Covers the costs of damages after a $2,000 deductible and theft after a $5,000 deductible. In the event of a breakdown, you will be reimbursed $35/day for a replacement rental and a refund of the daily rate. A security deposit of $2,000 is required.
VIP-ZERO Plus Theft & Damage Waiver: Covers the costs of damages with a $0 deductible and theft after a $1,000 deductible. In the event of a breakdown, you will be reimbursed $100/day for a replacement rental and a refund of the daily rate. A security deposit of $100 is required.

Supplemental Liability Insurance: Protects the renter, and the passenger, with third party liability coverage.
We currently only offer Supplemental Liability Insurance that covers up to $300,000 USD.

Please click here to learn more about Damage Waiver & Supplemental Liability Insurance.

For Scooters Only:

VIP Theft & Damage Waiver: Renter pays $500 USD for theft and damage to the motorcycle and motorcycle accessories. Renter is provided up to $35 USD/ day for a replacement rental + refund of daily rate. A security deposit of $250 USD is required at pick-up.
EVIP Theft & Damage Waiver: Renter pays $250 USD for damage to the motorcycle and motorcycle accessories. Renter is provided up to $75 USD/ day for a replacement rental + refund of daily rate. A security deposit of $100 USD is required at pick-up.

For Dirt Bikes Only:

Renter pays up to $2,000 USD deductible per damage occurrence and pays full retail value of stolen Rental Vehicle and accessories per theft occurrence. A security deposit of $2,000 USD is required at pick-up.

If no coverage is purchased, Renter pays full retail value of ALL damages per damage occurrence and pays pull retail value of stolen Rental Vehicle and accessories per theft occurrence. A security deposit of $5,000 USD is required at pick-up.

Afhængigt af hvilken tyveri og skadesforsikring du vælger, vil depositummet være på mellem USD 100.00 – 5.000,00 og 11.861,00, når du er afhenter din motorcykel. Sikkerhedsdepositummet vil blive debiteret den tilgængelige saldo på dit kreditkort. Når du returnerer din motorcykel til tiden og uden skader, frigives depositummet.

Ja, helt sikkert. Alle EagleRider udlejningskontorer tilbyder aflevering og afhentning af motorcykel for enkeltpersoner og grupper. Kontakt EagleRiders hovedreservationsafdeling eller det udlejningskontor, som du har kontakt med, for at få et detaljeret tilbud. Disse tjenester indebærer et ekstra gebyr, som varierer afhængigt af antallet af motorcykler, udlejningskontor, årstid eller andre faktorer, og er afhængig af tilgængeligheden af motorcykler og personale.

Ja, du kan tilføje 1 ekstra kører gratis. Minimumsalderen for en ekstra kører er 21 år, og der kræves en gyldig motorcykelkørekort. Hvis I begge gerne vil køre, men har et budget for turen som skal overholdes, kan det være en god ide at tjekke de særlige Highway 888-tilbud, hvor du kan finde billige pakkerejser med motorcykel og hotel for 2 personer.

Du skal være mindst 21 år gammel for at leje en motorcykel hos EagleRider. Der er ingen aldersgrænse for passagerer, men passageren skal være i stand til at nå fodhvilerne på motorcyklen. Klik her for at se grundlæggende specifikationer for alle vores mest populære udlejningsmodeller.

Halvhjelme til fører og passagerer er inkluderet med din leje af motorcykel. Derudover sælger de fleste EagleRider udlejningskontorer motorcykeludstyr og tilbehør, såsom de nyeste hjelme, handsker, chaps, jakker, kørebriller og alt hvad du ellers kan få brug på turen. Hvis du kommer fra udlandet, kan du drage fordel af de gode valutakurser og købe alt dit nye motorcykeludstyr hos EagleRider.

Ja, helt sikkert. Alle EagleRider udlejningskontorer tilbyder gratis og sikker opbevaring af bagage. Mange EagleRider udlejningskontorer tilbyder fragt af bagage på envejsture mod et ekstra gebyr.

Ja, helt sikkert. EagleRider er den eneste virksomhed for motorcykeludlejning og -ture i USA der tilbyder envejsleje mellem alle vores mere end 60 udlejningskontorer. Der er dog visse begrænsninger, hvad angår envejsleje, som involverer krydsning af internationale grænser. Kontakt vores internationale reservationsafdeling vedrørende envejsleje.

Du skal først og fremmest sørge for, at du parkerer din motorcykel i sikker afstand fra vejkanten, hvis du ikke kan køre ind til siden på et sikkert område. Alle EagleRider udlejningskontorer har et telefonnummer, som besvares i alle døgnets 24 timer, og du kan derfor altid ringe til dette nummer for at få hjælp. De fleste af vores tyveri og skadesforsikringer dækker nogle eller alle omkostninger ved reparation af en punktering. Hvis punktering ikke er inkluderet i din oprindelige udlejningspakke, kan du desuden købe eller opgradere en tyveri og skadesforsikring, der dækker punktering, når du afhenter motorcyklen på udlejningskontoret.

Alle EagleRider motorcykler udlejes med en fuld tank i starten af udlejningsperioden og skal ligeledes returneres med en fuld tank. Hvis du returnerer din motorcykel med mindre end en fuld tank, vil du blive opkrævet et ekstra gebyr. EagleRider tilbyder dog en praktisk mulighed for at forudbetale benzinen, så du kan spare tid og besvær med af fylde tanken op inden aflevering. Du kan vælge denne mulighed, når du foretager din reservation eller på udlejningskontoret ved afhentningen.

Harley-Davidson® Street Glide, Electra Glide®, Road Glide® og Harley Trikes har stikkontakter indbygget i kåben. Hvis du bestiller en EagleRider GPS som en del af din udlejningspakke, vil en af vores teknikere tilslutte den direkte til motorcyklens strømkilde.

Udlejningspriserne er baseret på 24 timers intervaller. Hvis du afhenter motorcyklen klokken 10:00, skal den afleveres igen klokken 10:00 på den aftalte dag. EagleRider tilbyder rabat på udlejninger på mere end 7 dage. Vi tilbyder også fremragende gruppepriser, og det kan derfor betale sig at få dine venner og familie med på ideen om at udforske verden på en EagleRider motorcykel!

Du skal betale hele beløbet for lejen af motorcyklen, når du foretager din reservation. Du kan derefter tilføje ekstra ting, så som en opgradering af motorcykel, tilføjelse eller opgradering af din tyveri og skadeskadesforsikring, supplerende ansvarsforsikring, en GPS-enhed, en tablet til internationale telefonsamtaler og internetadgang eller andre ting, når du befinder dig på udlejningskontoret. Hvis du har brug at afbestille din reservation, kan du få udstedt et tilgodebevis, som du kan indløse på en fremtidig udlejning eller EagleRider tur. Du finder yderligere oplysninger om vores vilkår og betingelser i vores afbestillingspolitik.

EagleRider's almindelige åbningstider varierer afhængigt af land og årstid. Du finder de mest nøjagtige åbningstider ved at besøge vores hjemmeside og vælge et udlejningskontor på det interaktive kort. Du kan også få oplyst adresse og åbningstider ved at ringe til vores reservationsafdeling på 888-900-9901 (inden for USA) eller +1-310-321-3180 (uden for USA) eller via Skype på eaglerider-rentals.

Alle EagleRider udlejningskontorer giver dig et telefonnummer, som du kan ringe til 24 timer i døgnet og få øjeblikkelig hjælp. Vores team vil sørge for, at motorcyklen bugseret til det nærmeste EagleRider udlejningskontor eller værksted, så du kan komme ud på landevejen igen så hurtigt som muligt. Vi anbefaler altid vores mest omfattende forsikring, EVIP Plus eller EVIP Zero tyveri- og skadesforsikring.

På visse modeller kan opbevaringsrum aflåses. Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Harley Davidson Road king Standard, Harley Davidson Street Glide, Honda Gold Wing, Honda ST 1300 og Indian Chieftan motorcykler har alle aflåselige opbevaringsrum, men andre modeller har det ikke. Uanset om dine sadeltasker og andre opbevaringsrum kan aflåses, anbefaler EagleRider altid, at du ikke efterlade værdigenstande eller andre ting gemt på din motorcykel om natten, eller hvis du er væk fra motorcyklen i længere perioder.

EagleRider politik med hensyn til at krydse internationale grænser med din udlejningsmotorcykel varierer fra land til land. Det er altid bedst at kontakte vores internationale reservationsafdeling, eller det udlejningskontor som du lejer fra, for at få yderligere oplysninger om de krav, begrænsninger eller restriktioner der findes vedrørende krydsning af internationale grænser med EaglerRider udlejningsmotorcykler. De er altid færre restriktioner med hensyn til krydsning af internationale grænser på en EagleRider guidet tur. Kontakt vores turafdeling for at få en udførlig liste over de internationale ture der tilbydes af EagleRider og vores partnere.

Ja, helt sikkert. De fleste EalgeRider udlejningskontorer har Tom Tom eller Garmin GPS-enheder til udlejning. Hvis du ønsker, at vi tager os af al planlægningen, kan du bede EagleRiders GPS-rutespecialister forprogrammere din rute, eller en af vores egne EagleRider ruter, i din GPS-enhed for en lille ekstra gebyr.

Alle EagleRider udlejninger inkluderer en gratis DOT-godkendt halvhjelm til kører og passager. Mange udlejningskontorer tilbyder gratis 3/4 eller full-face-hjelme afhængig af tilgængelighed på afhentningstidspunktet. Alle udlejningsmotorcykler er desuden udstyret med en kabellås og skivelås, så du ikke behøver at bekymre dig på turen. Alle populære turmotorcykler er udstyret med sadeltasker til opbevaring, men størrelsen varierer dog afhængig af mærke og model. Ekstra sadeltasker, der kan sættes bag på ryglænet, kan købes i de fleste EagleRider udlejningskontorer. Der tilbydes desuden gratis opbevaring af bagage hos alle EagleRider udlejningskontorer. Der kan bestilles fragt af bagage på envejsture på mange udlejningskontorer.

Jacket, proper eye wear and protective clothing are required when you operate the vehicle. Of course, you’re also welcomed to bring your own helmet and jacket. We recommended protective leathers, gloves, denim or leather pants and sturdy boots. Most of our locations offers additional protective gear for sale.

Ja, helt sikkert. EagleRider kan skaffe værelser på tusindvis af hoteller, hytter, bed and breakfast og historiske indlogeringer til en nedsat pris. Vi kan også tilbyde biletter til mere end 9.000 af de mest populære seværdigheder, såsom helikopterture, teaterbilletter, byture, entré til nationalparker og meget, meget mere.

Store credits can only be used by and for the individual it was given to.

Store credits are used once per payment. Payments are made once during booking and can be made multiple times afterwards.

Please note: Store credits can only be applied at locations within the same country as the original booking.

All store credits expire 1 year after they are issued.

Roadside Assistance Coverage provides towing and roadside assistance by an EagleRider approved vendor if your motorcycle becomes inoperable.

If you have purchased Roadside Assistance Coverage and your motorcycle becomes inoperable and you need emergency road service towing (within 30 miles of occurrence), fuel delivery of up to 2 gallons, or jumps start services, you must call 800-234-1353 for these services to be covered.

In purchasing the Roadside Assistance Coverage, we will waive the cost of any approved tow or road side assistance service unlimited. These services are only covered during the duration of your rental agreement and end on the date and dime that your contract notes Date/Time Due In.

If you have not purchased the coverage and need Roadside Services, you may be billed for services rendered.

You need to meet the following criteria:

  • 18 - 20 Years Old
  • Motorcycle license or endorsement
  • Completed Motorcycle Riding Academy (Harley-Davidson® Authorized Training Program only) or Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) Course
  • Available to rent up to 500cc motorcycles
  • USA Locations ONLY

In 49 of the 50 states, lane splitting is illegal. The only state where lane splitting is legal is California.

If you lose your rental motorcycle key, expect to pay for its replacement. Lost key fee varies per motorcycle model (approximately $200 USD - $300 USD per key).

If you secure your rental with a credit/debit card, we will charge the security deposit on the day you pick up your rental vehicle. Your security deposit might be held by your bank for up to 45 days. After that, it will be automatically released in full unless we charge any damages, traffic violations or any other necessary charges against it.

Yes. Off-Road Vehicles are not street legal, a trailer(s) will be required to take it off the premises. Off-Road Vehicles are: Yamaha® WR250, Yamaha® TT-R125LE, Textron® Wildcat™ XX, Textron® Alterra™ 500.

In the unfortunate case of unsafe weather conditions, we will issue store credit for you to reschedule your ride.

Peak Season surcharge is a fluctuating surcharge that applies during times of high demand.

No, you can't. Since the store credit is owned by an individual and non-transferable, store credit payment option is not available for group booking.