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Laura Hodgson June 15, 2017 03:16 pm
Amazing trip and exceptional tour company

We have just returned from Route 66 (Chicago to Albuquerque) - what an incredible experience!
My husband booked the trip as a Christmas present, both of us having passed our bike tests in November 2016. We had lots of questions but received plenty of information and all the staff we spoke to were friendly and informative (particularly Steve, one of the tour leaders, who we chatted to at the London Motorbike Show).
Once we arrived in Chicago, everything was very slick and well organised, both from the tour staff and the team at Eagle Rider who completed all the paperwork and prepared and handed over the fantastic bikes (I had a Heritage Softail and my husband had a Roadking).
The trip itself was fantastic- really well thought through routes and interesting and varied stops. The hotels and restaurants were also well considered and met the needs of the group.
My bike suffered a defect on the second day, but the process of swapping it with the spare bike and taking it to a dealer for a new alternator to be fitted was a testament to the quality of the tour staff- it was handled with minimal fuss and I had my original bike back the following morning.
We cannot speak highly enough about the tour leader (Richard) and support driver (Rui) whose knowledge, attention to detail and hard work behind the scenes (along with a great sense of fun!) made the whole experience hugely relaxed and enjoyable. Their professionalism is a credit to the company.
Richard told us before we left Chicago that the trip would exceed our expectations; whatever you have seen on TV or read in guidebooks comes nowhere near the reality. Our expectations were completely blown out of the water!
We would certainly recommend Eagle Rider to anyone contemplating making this or a similar trip.
Laura & John Hodgson

Terry Enlow June 16, 2016 12:20 pm
thank you

The trip was a milestone birthday present to my wife Roxanne. We had planned this a year in advance and were eagerly anticipating the experience. I had heard of Eagle Riders when I was traveling Route 66 with my son by car 3-years ago.

The experience exceeded all expectations we had and Steve was an excellent leader for our group. Specifically, Steve was calm and collected during the entire 2870 miles of the trail. His experience prior to his role here made him well suited to support a band of misfits on an adventure. Steve has an uncanny ability to work across cultural boundaries. We were the only Americans on the trip and he made sure we were just as satisfied as our European and NZ partners.

Steve was flexible with the group. He could read the group well. An example of this was on a few occasions we changed the route or changed the stops to accommodate either fatigued riders or to see a unique part of the road otherwise not on the agenda. This made the trip very personalized.

He helped fuel my need for exotic coffee stops and was genially fun to hang around with for 15-days.

Steve also demonstrated superior riding skills that impressed even the most hardened riders. While we had mechanical and tire issues now one was without a bike the entire trip.

The experience has given us the bug to do another tour with Eagle Riders.

I also want to add that Will (our van driver) was superb. Our windshields were cleaned every morning, our bags were always accessible, he made sure we were hydrated (this was a lifesaver), and made sure we stayed cool and safe. He was very safety conscience thus likely saving us from ourselves a few times. He was humorous and while he stayed to himself most of the trip he did on occasion make time to hang out with us so we could get to know him better.

Many thanks for the experience and I hope this makes it to Steve and Will.


Terry Enlow

Roxanne Enlow June 16, 2016 09:05 am
so awesome!!

My husband and I were on the Route 66 Tour that started May 19 from Chicago, each being a rider. We had an epic trip! Our tour guide, or as we called him our trail boss, was Steve Feather. He was instrumental in making our trip so awesome!!

My over all impression of Steve is that he is always "calm, collected and caring." Thru flat tires, breakdowns, people missing a turn off or a couple close calls he kept calm, completely professional and effectively handling each situation. I felt extremely safe because of his firemen/paramedic/swat team background and secure in the fact he would be able to successfully manage any emergency that may occur. His motorcycle skills are exemplary and the knowledge of Route 66 is incredible.

Steve was very personable and caring; frequently checking if everyone was ok when we stopped for breaks and made sure to personally chat with each of us frequently during the tour, gathering us into his easygoing friendly demeanor. Any concerns were addressed in a compassionate and timely manner.

We felt very blessed to have such a highly skilled, professional and caring guide for our Route 66 tour! It really was epic! In fact, we will probably be doing the "Canada and Yellowstone Tour" in the next year or two with Steve.

Warm regards,
Roxanne Enlow

Jenny June 16, 2016 03:30 am
far beyond our expectations!

This is short email to let you know how pleased my husband and myself were with our recent Route 66 Tour. The professionalism of the whole team is to be commended. A special mention is needed for our fabulous tour leader (Steve) and back up support (Will). Both men made a fantastic “bucket list” ride into a holiday that was far beyond our expectations. Both men could not have been more helpful in every way. They made us (and the rest of our tour group) feel at home from day 1. Waking up every day in anticipation of what was to come, hearing Steve and those immortal words “Lets go for a ride” and the kindness of them both will stay with us for a long time. We felt like such a family it was hard to say goodbye.

Our trip was so great that we have started planning for the Seattle Tour in 2017. We are planning to do this with Steve as our guide.

Many thanks

Jenny and Carl Eijkman