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Gordon S. Lane November 20, 2016 01:35 pm
Baja South Tour - 20/11/16

I asked Stefano Trampetti who I could email to say how happy I was with the Tour and Stefano as our guide in particular - he gave me your email address .

Stefano made a tremendous effort right from the start to answer all our questions and make us feel comfortable for the ride ahead .

This was a fantastic experience and I will be talking about it with my biker buddies recommending EagleRider as a tour operator and explaining to them how smoothly everything went - and to ask for Stefano if possible to make it even better !

Stefano and EagleRider were simply first class and 5* all the way !

In those immortal words ' I'll be back ! '

Thank you and Well Done !

Jim Mills November 25, 2015 05:52 am

Taking the Eagle Rider Baja Guided Tour Southbound turned out to be about both the destination and the journey. One never really knows what to expect when arranging travel tours online, but this tour exceeded expectations in all ways. First, the personnel at Eagle Rider LA where fantastic. Their attention to contract details and assuring that my arrangements were as specified mean that my start was hassle free. The first night meeting with our guide Jeff Homer was warm and friendly. Jeff and his crew are tourism professionals and know how to make everyone feel accepted. Meeting the other riders over cocktails provided a great opportunity to make introductions. As we headed out the first day, and everyday thereafter Jeff briefed the group on the details of the day’s ride. This included the mileage to each rest stop, gas stops, and lunch stops. We always knew what kinds of roads we would experience, where we would be eating lunch. As a Baja resident Jeff seems to know every local eating spot along highway 1 and everyone one we experienced seemed to be better than the next. His fluency in Spanish made his interface with the locals easy and comfortable for all of us. Who knew that fish tacos from a food truck could taste so good? Our farewell dinner as a group The fourteen hundred mile journey was a balanced mixture of mountain twistys, open flat desert plains, and local villages. Jeff was always conscience of the group’s safety and was able to provide a challenging lead pace, while making sure that we all arrived at destination with a story to tell about the day’s experience. The ride each day was of comfortable length, but sufficient enough to create a longing for a beer with the group at rides end and a comfortable hotel for the night. Our hotel experience never disappointed. Each night’s accommodation had its own unique flavor reflective of the location. We truly had a mission oasis in central Baja, and a seaside resort on the Sea of Cortez.

Adrienne Zigo August 13, 2015 05:39 am
Best Vacation

This was hands down the best vacation I have ever taken. If you truly want to experience a country, this is the way to do it. The tour took us through parts of Mexico that I didn't know existed, but I'm so glad I was able to experience. Our guides were top notch showing authentic Mexico. Roadside tamales, fresh catch of the day, tequila, and local vino just scratches the surface of what we experienced. The scenery is beautiful, the accommodations were spectacular, and top if off with two days at an all inclusive resort. It was unforgettable. There is nothing like a love of motorcycles to bring a group of people together. The language of two wheels brought people from 7 different countries together! Special thanks to our guides Jeff and Brad for providing the best service and their attention to detail. They know how to show a group a good time!