National Parks Motorcycle Tour

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non guidé circuit 8 Journées / 7 Nuits
Carte du circuit
  • 1105.0 mi = 1768.0 km
  • été, printemps, tomber
  • 50.0 - 90.0°F = 10.0 - 32.2°C

Get ready for spending a week with your favorite Harley-Davidson, Honda, or BMW motorcycle and Mother Nature on EagleRider’s National Parks Motorcycle Tour. This is the ultimate tour for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to experience the beauty and majesty of America’s national parks mixed with a couple days of excitement and gambling in “Sin City” Las Vegas, Nevada. You will have the pleasure of riding through Death Valley, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Park. All of which offer a unique scenic view from the back of your motorcycle. By the time your tour lands back in Las Vegas you will be relaxed and ready to spend the night gambling on the strip. You don’t want to miss the National Parks Motorcycle Tour!

National Parks Motorcycle Tour - itinéraire du circuit

You arrive at Las Vegas International Airport and transfer to your hotel. Overnight.
This morning you will pick up your bike and start a ride that will require a lot of guts! Your bike needs to be in peak condition to face the challenge of fierce twisting curves in the Inyo Mountains and the barren loneliness of Death Valley. You are leaving Las Vegas on Route 160, go up to Hwy 190, which will lead you west through the Death Valley – a lonely stretch, no twists and turns, just rolling desert. After defeating Death Valley you head on to Lone Pine, which is a purely American experience…more than 300 Western movies were filmed here. Overnight.
From Lone Pine you take Hwy 395, the road out of Lone Pine stays in true form: Impressive mountains and straight runs. Continue north and you will blaze down the road with the Sierrra Nevadas on the left and the Inyo Mountains on the right. The spicy fragrance of the desert is just as bracing as the chill of the mountain air – enjoy this motorcycle friendly road! Ride up to the nice town of Lee Vining, where you enter Tioga Pass and then head all the way to Yosemite Village (74 miles). Overnight.
This morning it’s time to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite National Park, one of America’s most scenic National Parks. Any viewpoint here is truly spectacular and there are only a few places on earth that can possibly match that. Ansel Adams photographs do the place justice, but there is nothing like being there. Take Hwy 41 and ride via El Portal and Oakhurst to Fresno. Overnight.
From Fresno you take Hwy 180 toward Kings Canyon Lodge. Then you head south on Hwy 198 and ride through Kings Canyon, which is wilder and less visited than Sequoia, with a maze-like collection of canyons and sprinkling of isolated lakes. Continue south and take Hwy 198 – a scenic ride through Sequioa National Park. You will be amazed by the landscape – Sequioa National Park contains the thickest concentration – and the biggest specimen – of Sequioas to be found anywhere. Head south to Ridgecrest. Overnight.
From Ridgecrest you take Hwy 178 East until you hit Hwy 395. Turn left and ride all the way to Olancha, where you get back on Hwy 190, which will take you into the Death Valley, the hottest place on earth and almost entirely devoid of shade, much less water – so make sure to carry plenty! You overnight at Furnace Creek Ranch, which is one of the two existing outposts in Death Valley. Overnight
This day you will ride back into Las Vegas, basically the same route you took on Day 02 – Hwy 190 through the Death Valley, Hwy 160 back to Vegas. In Las Vegas you will return your motorcycle and transfer back to your hotel. Overnight.
Today your adventurous trip will end with your departure flight back home.
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