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Willie Davidson December 5, 2019 05:51 am
WARNING Read this before renting

This is a review of the parent company EagalRider, not this Location.

I saved for many years to take the trip of a lifetime and ride across America from coast to coast. The rental bike came from EagleRider. A third of the way into the trip I hit a lump of concrete on the road. Somehow I didn’t fall off, though I did wreck the front wheel.

I paid EagleRider a total of $3820.71 for a 19-day hire. Of this $1234.34 (32%) was for 3 separate insurance policies (the highest possible level of cover). So I was shocked when the Harley dealer I was towed to said EagleRider had instructed them, to take the bike off me. It seems in spite of my insurances, that by hitting the lump of concrete in the road, I had invalidated my contract with EagleRider. I pleaded that they were leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country. EagleRider said if I'd read the 10 pages of terms and conditions sent to me after booking (not the ones on the website) I would know that this was their policy. The insurance was to cover their bike, not my booking with them.

To continue my planned trip, I had to make a completely new hire agreement with EagleRider and pay for a new rental bike. I acknowledge that eventually, I was able to get a 70% reduction on the second hire, but only after prolonged negotiation with EagleRider.

If you are thinking about a road trip with EagleRider, you should be aware there is no way you can you protect yourself from EagleRider cancelling your contract in the event that you have an accident which leaves the bike unrideable.

Think very carefully before using this company and ask them, when booking ‘what happens to your EagleRider contract in the event you have an accident immobilizing the bike’. Most of all make sure you read both sets of terms and conditions!

The EagleRiders website may have lots of pictures of smiling bikers punching the air in joy but this company has no moral compass and their corporate greed is more important than their customer's welfare.

Alex Vandereycken May 5, 2019 06:03 pm
Cancellation 3 days before

After 5 times using EagleRider, this is the worst experience I had. I received a mail my BMS GS isn't available 3 days before leaving. Asking the extra mile they just refund this on an account I can only reuse @ EagleRider? Come on. This is not serious! I booked my flight based on this ride. What' about the rescheduling cost of my flight? The reimbursement of my money!

Mordechai Lev March 20, 2019 01:46 pm
Great experience

I have rented from Eagle Rider 2 times. each time have received the exact bike I have ordered and in excellent condition. I was charged exactly as quoted. The team at both Portland OR and Boston locations was amazing. I have rented the 3rd time recently and had to cancel in less than 24 hours from the reservation time. While the policy is to issue a store credit, Eagle Rider noticed the unique circumstance and agreed to refund me the entire trip.
I'm very please with them, will be returning back and recommend you do the same.
M. Lev

Vasym Tadzhi January 22, 2019 12:45 pm
Eagle mocked my credit card $300

• What specific service and or merchandise was ordered?
Motorcycle Road king Harley rented for 24 hours
• Tell ups specifically why you are disputing this transaction?
They tried to charge my credit card then they told me that it did not work and I had to pay cash $200
• If applicable, provide the date the merchant was contacted
2018 Jan 27 Saturday around 11:30
• Detail of what was the merchant's response when they were contacted.
They admitted that the only charge for me was the one I paid by cash, nothing else to be charged, they said that they had the amount on hold but not charged, told me to contact my bank, I spoke to a person named Nick last on the 8th Feb ( in their comments in system they told me that it shows cash was taken because credit card did not work), then later after disputing the bank, bank contacted some guy named Mike from Eagle riders Finance who promissed to fix it but never took place

Jim Joveski September 22, 2018 04:04 pm
Bike hire and service

6 of us hired bikes from Eagle rider HD at Las Vegas (LV) last month, I must point out that we had an agreement with LV HD 12 months ago so in the meantime LV, HD sold the hire business to Eagle Rider (ER) without notifying us.
None the less we had a few emails and phone calls with ER over the months of May to July (when we were arriving at LV ER to pick up the bikes.
On the 23rd of July we arrived at LV ER and walked in to sort out the bikes, the staff at ER had no idea about our previous deal with LV HD and wanted to charge us extra 3k Ozzy, after some negotiations over the day as well as the following day we came up to an agreement to meet us halfway in the deal.
We have heard bad things from our biker mates but did not believe until we experienced it ourselves, this was the most unorganized, unprofessional outfit we have ever come across, though the front counter staff was trying to accommodate however Management kept avoiding us at all cost.
My advice to ER management is if you want to run a successful business you, YES YOU the Management needs to lead by example, don’t hide behind your staff.
Also, our collective advise to anyone wanting to hire a bike from ER, DON’T do it, YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE FROM Eagle Rider Management.

Ian Hiscox September 6, 2018 08:21 am
Awesome people and great facility

This is my second year in a row of dealing with Eaglerider Vegas as a drop off point. This year we were 3 bikes coming in after a 2000 mile roadtrip dropping off sunday 19th Aug. We were greeted by Emanuel as we arrived who took the bikes from us and guided us to the coffee. There was a little confusion as we were returning the night before our rental ended but we soon sorted that out. The rental was soon closed out and we were offered water and coffee due to the outside temp being 44 degrees. We then did a bit of shopping while we waited for Emanuel to finish as he then jumped in a van and took us to our hotel .. all part of the service. Emanuel and the whole front desk team were very friendly, helpful and even found time to have a laugh with us despite clearly being busy. Thank you all at vegas for finishing our hire with eagle riders with such a flourish ........ I would not hesitate to recommend and use this facility again.

Larry Yanak September 3, 2018 12:52 pm
Great time but need a little tlc

Rented a street glide special as soon as I got on the bike noticed it was lowered didn't really think any thing of it until first stop and dropped bike on wife because kick stand kicked out because the kickstand was not replaced with a shorter one for the lowering. Also clutch was completely wore out on bike. When I dropped bike off I asked about the lowering of the bike and the guy in the garage said it was lowered 3 inches and when I told the guy at the counter he said they do not modify the bikes at all??????? Also when bringing up issue with clutch they said they dont have time to test the bikes after they are brought back I believe this should be number one concern.
The staff was very helpful and courteous and helped us plan trip 5 stars all around but the bikes need attention to be safe I am a lifetime rider and still had difficulties because the bike was not maintained properly. I would rent again in the future because of staff but would be hesitant because of maintenance and lack of concerns for the safety of each individual that rents the next time after me without anyone testing bike between rentals.
I do thank the staff for everything dont want this to seem like a negative review but for the safety of others should have one individual that tests every bike upon return.

Jacques Mordoki August 17, 2018 02:10 pm


Tim Paul July 24, 2018 07:53 am
Great Experience!

Just rented for my 4th time with EagleRider LAs Vegas. This is how it should be done. Great customer service from start to finish. Everything was as it should be and the staff was extremely friendly. They got me in and out quickly which was much appreciated. Love the new Milwaukee 8 engine!!!!
So much fabulous riding fromk Las Vegas, I'll never get it all in.

Much Thanks,


Jeremy Husok June 3, 2018 07:31 pm
Great experience start to finish!

I recently rented a couple Ultra’s from the Las Vegas EagleRider to ride out to the Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu, the bikes worked out great. Leann Newland was our rental agent, she had us in and out in no time. She has a great attention to detail and an awesome personality. Leann is who you need to go and EagleRider is where you need to go to for your rental needs!