Johore Discovery Ride

Guided Tour 1 Days / 0 Nights
Tour Map
  • 225.0 mi = 360.0 km
  • Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall
  • 83.0 - 97.0°F = 28.3 - 36.1°C

Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Johor is located at the southern end of the Malaysian peninsular and is separated from Singapore by the straights sea of Johor. On a good day when the boders are not packed it will take 15 mins to cross the borders of SIngapore and Malaysia to reach Johore. Johor provides much more riding distance and a different feel as you will can be surrounded towns and rural areas. Malaysis has much to offer for riders interms of good quality highways and country roads. For most visitors there is not much of a problem crossing the borders via Singapore. The tour package is for a min group size of 3 riders. If you are booking as an individual rider there will be an additional charge of $100.

Tour Itinerary

We will meet 8am to check and ready the bikes. We will depart to the Borders 9am. We will do a fuel stop after crossing the Malaysian border to top up our fuel tanks full. After this we will start the journey to the first discovery point - "Kluang Railway Station". - a major rail traffic junction and a popular stop over for the travellers. We will have lunch and then set off to the next discovery - "Tanjong Piai National Park". It will be 60km of riding before we reach this park. After taking a walk through through mongroves we will head back to Singapore where we will stop for Dinner.
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