Coast to Coast Northern Route Motorcycle Tour

Guided Tour 19 Days / 18 Nights
Tour Map
  • 3392.0 mi = 5427.2 km
  • Summer, Spring
  • 60.0 - 100.0°F = 15.6 - 37.8°C

Experience America from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast. This tour will give riders the full experience of what America has to offer. Starting off the tour in Washington, DC we make our way to Ocean City, Maryland. From there, we follow US Route 50 through the Appalachian Mountains, across the nation's heartland, over the Rocky Mountains, across the "Loneliest Road in America", over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Sacramento, California. We end our journey by going through Napa Valley to the Pacific Ocean and down over the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco. This ride will take you over 3400 miles through 12 states plus Washington, DC our nation’s capital. (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California)

Tour Itinerary

Arrive in the Washington DC area. You will be set up in a hotel not too far from the EagleRider store in Falls Church, VA. The first evening you will be picked up and taken to a local restaurant in Falls Church where you will enjoy a meal with all of those attending the tour. Here you will meet your tour guide and support staff who will help you become familiar with what to expect on your journey. They will go over the do’s and don’ts to be sure everyone has a safe and wonderful trip.
You will be picked up at the hotel and brought to the EagleRider location to pick up your bike. We will complete our paperwork and go over the bike and its operations. On the first day of our ride we will ride through downtown Washington, DC by the Lincoln and Washington monuments. We make our way out of town via Rt 50 and head toward the Eastern Shore. We go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and make our way via back roads through the Eastern Shore farms and end our day at the Atlantic resort town of Ocean City, MD where we will dip our feet in the ocean.
We now start our journey to the west using US Rt 50 to guide us all the way to the Pacific Ocean. We head back through the farming area and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We go through the State Capital of Maryland and historic city of Annapolis while we continue toward Washington DC. We bypass Washington DC and make our way around to Rt 50 on the West side of the beltway. From there we ride through the Virginia horse country and end our day in in historic Winchester, VA with Old Town streets once wandered by the likes of George Washington and Stonewall Jackson.
Day 4 brings us some fun riding on the twisty windy roads of West Virginia. We make our way through Romney and go up into the Alleghany Mountains. Here we will get some great scenery looking over to Saddleback Mountain as well as some of the best curvy roads we have on our trip. Rt 50 will take us back into Maryland for a few miles and then right back into West Virginia. We plan to stop for lunch at Biggies Burgers in Grafton, WV. From there we go through Clarksburg and the day gets easier as it is mostly highway riding through the remaining mountains. We finally cross into Ohio and make our evening stay in Athens, Ohio. Home of Ohio State University.
This part of the tour is where we start to get into some of the real Americana. We travel through several small towns while we make our way through Chillicothe and Hillsboro and stop for lunch at a local café before we get to Cincinnati. From there we follow the river and go through downtown Cincinnati Ohio to end up in Indiana. We continue the day making our way through the country roads and small farm towns where we end our day in Seymour, Indiana. Be sure you keep your appetite so you can get some Buffalo Wings at the local restaurant.
Riding west passing through more farm towns and crossing over the Wabash River into Illinois. We continue into Washington, IL where we get off of the main road and follow the old US-50 to stop and have lunch. Our last segment of the day will lead us toward the famous Arch that signifies the “Gateway to the West” in downtown St. Louis MO. This is also where we will cross over the famous Rt. 66.
After a week of riding we give ourselves a day off. You can visit some of the local museums and maybe go to the top of the Arch. St. Louis was key to the westward expansion of the United States. Sights include the Museum of Westward Expansion, the St. Louis Cathedral and the Anheuser-Busch factory tour. There are plenty of things to see and do in this town.
We make our way out of St. Louis on I-44 which puts us on US-50 and for a brief period of time a portion of the iconic Rt 66. We eventually get on more country roads while we pass through small towns until we get to Jefferson City. There we stop for lunch at a local favorite and meet some of the locals. From here, we make our way through the start of the plains and into Kansas City, Missouri where we stop for the day. Kansas City is known for its fountains (it has more fountains than Rome), jazz music, and its barbeque.
We get off to a late start as we take some time to walk to the WWI museum in downtown Kansas City. We get back on the bikes and head west on Rt. 50. We take a small detour to stop in Marquette, KS to visit the Kansas Motorcycle Museum. After some time there we head back south to end the day in Newton, KS.
This will be another light day of riding. From Newton we take our time and work our way to Dodge City. Take some time to stroll through this town and learn about its fascinating history. Don’t be surprised to find a Sheriff walking the streets giving some details to the history of this famous town. Here we spend the late afternoon in the Boot Hill museum where we will have a country style dinner and some entertainment from Miss Kitty, Can-Can Dancers, Singing Bartenders and other local characters in the Long Branch Saloon. You may even get to see an old western shootout and bar fight later in the day.
We continue our journey through the plains of Kansas and into eastern Colorado. We will stop in a small town for a bite to eat for lunch and then push on through La Junta and ending our day in Pueblo, Colorado.
After leaving Pueblo, we enter into the Rocky Mountains just outside Canon City. We take Rt 50 through the mountain passes to get breathtaking views. We will stop in Salida for some great food. We continue our journey by going up Monarch Pass to just over 11,300 feet. This stop will have some great views of the peaks and valleys. We finalize our journey by making our way along the Gunnison River and ending our day in Montrose, Colorado.
This is a day of rest or you can ride the wonderful loop we have laid out down to Durango, Colorado. This optional loop is a popular ride as it will give you more breathtaking views and curvy roads. If you feel like taking the day off, you may want to ride just outside of Montrose to Black Canyon National Park. While it is not as wide as the Grand Canyon, it is almost as deep. You may also want to spend the day visiting the Ute Indian Museum, the Museum of the Mountain West, or the Montrose Historical Museum. No matter what you decide, you will enjoy the day.
We get an early start on the day and continue our journey westward up toward Grand Junction and into Utah. This will be our longest day of riding for the entire trip. Most of the riding will be on the interstate. We will grab a snack in mid-morning and have a late lunch in Salina, Utah at Moms Café for some good American food. We then take a short ride to finish our day in Fillmore, Utah.
Today we head off through Utah on the “Loneliest Road in America”. This stretch of Rt 50 from Utah into Nevada was named the Loneliest Road in America by Life magazine back in 1986 because of the few signs of civilization while on this road. We will ride on some long straight roads that seem to go on forever. Eventually we get into some curvy roads while going through some peaks and valleys in Nevada. There is a stop right at the Utah-Nevada border we will be sure to use. We end our day in a western style town of Eureka, Nevada which even has a saloon.
This is our final day of riding through the desert. We travel on through a few small towns and stop in Fallon for some lunch. From there we continue on through Carson City and climb up into the mountains and the cooler air of Lake Tahoe. This lake is one of the largest and deepest freshwater lakes in the country and it sits on the Nevada and California border. The town of Lake Tohoe is a major tourist town for both Nevada and California.
We head up and over the mountain pass into our final state of California where the mountain are covered with evergreens. We will go down the mountain seeing remnants of old mining towns. We continue on to the highway toward Sacramento which is the official end of US Rt 50. While the old Rt 50 continued to San Francisco, it has now been replaced with the I-80 interstate. We turn off the interstate and head onto some back roads which lead us into Napa Valley. Napa Valley is world famous for its vineyard and wineries. We spend the evening in Napa where we park the bikes for the night and visit some local wineries. Since this is our last night, we will also go out and have a nice dinner to celebrate our trip as the next day will be the end of our journey.
This is the final leg of our journey. We leave Napa and head west via some nice back roads where we come out at the ocean. We go south along the shore and cross over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. From there we head to the local EagleRider and turn in our bikes. While this may be the end of our journey, you may want to extend your rental a few days and ride some more along the Pacific Coast Highway or maybe up into Yosemite National Park. No matter what you decide, this is where you can officially state you have ridden the USA from Coast to Coast.
We hope you had a wonderful tour with EagleRider, and we’ll see you on your next great motorcycle adventure!
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