Franchise Support


EagleRider provides the support that is needed to start your rental business from the ground up. We offer an opportunity for you to achieve the highest potential with the support and infrastructure of an EagleRider Franchise.

Working Together

You provide the capital and managerial commitment to start the business, and the dedication to make it prosper. Here are just some of the ways we’re ready to help:

  • Marketing and advertising support and planning

  • Promotional planning

  • Strategies for promoting your EagleRider location using public relations

  • Specialized training support

  • Franchise consultants

  • Accounting and financial management assistance

Field Support

Franchisees have access to a full team of knowledge experts. Franchise consultants and operations managers are there to support franchises and help grow the brand.

The franchise operations managers can provide general business consulting support. They are available as your go-to source for most of the general operations and retail questions you may have. Their job is to provide business planning, performance measurements, feedback and practical solutions to questions pertaining to your daily operations. With years of operations experience, we offer a wealth of knowledge to assist our franchisees.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a franchisee, please fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form.


Successful marketing and branding has helped drive EagleRider’s current success and will remain a major part of our future success. It is the key enabler of our long-term strategy, underpinning sustainable organic growth that will keep EagleRider at the forefront of current and new markets and maintain EagleRider position as one of the most successful powersport rental touring companies. Effective marketing leads to better innovation, closer customer relationships and increases value for all stakeholders.

Marketing and Advertising is a key ingredient for success in any business. At EagleRider, our experience and marketing know-how provides the leverage you need to succeed. Our expertise in advertising, location promotions and regional offers creates a strong combination for success and a resource you can enjoy on Day One as an EagleRider franchisee. Our brands hold a high standard for creative highly visible advertising and you reap the benefits of our worldwide reach.


It is crucial to ensure that the EagleRider brand represents enticing images in the minds of powersport rental customer. The EagleRider brand holds a high standard for creative, highly visible advertising. Franchisees will benefit from our experience, buying power and media relationships. Join an organization that has successfully operated powersport rental and touring operations for over 22 years.

High Focus P.O.P. Materials

Point-of-Purchase materials maximize customer interest and stimulate sales. These graphical enhancements include an extensive array of exterior and interior promotional signage to help ensure an exciting look for an EagleRider facility.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a franchisee, please fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form.


Franchise Management and Employee Training

As an industry leader we focus on keeping ahead of any and all business changes. EagleRider provides up to date and in depth training and continually focuses on improving service and quality.

We train new franchisees in all the key business categories necessary to help you become a successful EagleRider franchise operator. Your principal contact will be a team of Training Specialists responsible for facilitating classroom instruction and selecting your on-the-job training site. The Training Specialists will monitor your progress throughout the duration of your training and provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the business.

New franchisees participate in our comprehensive training program developed to teach you how to operate your business utilizing a combination of classroom instruction and self-study training in an EagleRider facility. The EagleRider Initial Franchise Fee includes training for up to four people at the initial franchise training program. The initial franchisee training program is currently 1 week- but the duration is subject to change.

The training program includes:

  • Introduction

  • Introduction to Rental Process

  • Reservation System

  • Tours

  • Tour Operators and Wholesalers

  • Safety and Insurance

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Business Administration

  • Fleet Logistics

  • Operations: Accounting

  • Operations: Daily Reporting and Support

  • Merchandising

  • Business Setup and Requirements

  • EagleRider Website Portals

  • EagleRider Finance and Bikes Sales

If you own more than one EagleRider facility, a minimum of one full time employee for each location is required to successfully complete the EagleRider initial franchisee training program. This program provides the necessary elements an operational/ entity designee will need to operate an EagleRider facility as the primary manager.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a franchisee, please fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form.