Yes, a valid motorcycle driver license from your home country is mandatory to take part in a guided tour or rent any motorcycle. But you could always take part in a guided tour in one of our convertibles that we offer if you do not have a valid motorcycle license. Please ask us about this option.

EaglerRider provides complimentary transfers between your hotels and our EagleRider locations at the start and finish of your tour as long as you use our recommended hotel partners. Unfortunately, many airports restrict private transfers to taxicabs, hotels, and rental car companies, so we are not able to provide airport transfers in most locations. Please as your Tour Specialist if airport transfers are available from your arrival location.

Yes, you can bring your own bike; the cost for each individual tour will be quoted upon request.

Absolutely not. EagleRider realizes that each rider's dream trip is different. While some love riding with the group, others may want to venture off on their own to explore the open road. If you are going to head out solo or in a small group please be sure to let your Tour Leader know so he can assist you with a route and a meeting place for later in the day. We love to send our riders out to enjoy the road in whichever way makes you happy.

Yes, you would have to sign each other's rental contracts in this case. If you should happen to damage the other persons motorcycle it will be your responsibility to cover the damage occurred.

Your Tour Specialist will send a very detailed Suggested Packing List with some great ideas on how to prepare for your motorcycle journey. You may also find it helpful to check out the EagleRider Motorcycles Facebook page to ask your fellow riders what they found helpful to pack when they did the same tour the same time of year.

You have to be at least 21 years old to rent a motorcycle from EagleRider and participate as a rider on a tour. There is no age restriction for passengers as long as you can touch the foot rests with your feet flat on the platform.

A Custom Road Book will be waiting for you when you arrive for the start of the tour. We will also send a PDF version of the Road Book to your email so you can get a sneak peek.

Homeland Security requires from some countries that the passport has to be valid for another 6 months after the departure date. This does not apply for all countries but better safe than sorry.

As much as we like to accommodate all your need we’d like you to understand that you’re attending a motorcycle tour. The van is at your courtesy for your baggage and is supposed to carry customers only in an emergency; e.g. severe health problems, accident, breakdown of motorcycle etc.

If you’ve all been good the weather will be too…honestly, we can never be certain; this is one factor on our tours that we still haven’t been able to influence. In general you can say that during mid summer months you have a 90% chance of staying dry and hot weather on any of our tours. It’ll always be a little cool along the west coast and you can always expect some rain along Route 66. Please come prepared, bring your raingear and a variety of clothing to be armed for all weather conditions.

Most EagleRider rental motorcycles are available with a windshield at no extra cost. Some smaller model bikes may not include a windshield so be sure to ask your Tour Specialist.

Store credits can only be used by and for the individual it was given to.

Store credits are used once per payment. Payments are made once during booking, and can be made multiple times afterwards.

All store credits expire 1 year after they are issued.

If you lose your rental motorcycle key, expect to pay for its replacement. Lost key fee varies per motorcycle model (approximately $200 USD - $300 USD per key).

A light set of rain gear is recommended, although you can choose to purchase this when you arrive at EagleRider if you like.

The cost of the tour covers every bike model EagleRider offers, with the exception of our three wheeled vehicles or custom motorcycles.

Our EagleRider Tour Leaders are experts at getting a feel for the needs and desires of the group, and will do their best to accommodate all requests for stops. 20 years of leading tours gives us the advantage of knowing the best places to stop for photos, attractions, meals and everything else you have been dreaming of doing on your EagleRider tour. If you have a special request be sure to let the Tour Leader know in the morning before the group hits the road for the day so he can fit it in the schedule. We run a very relaxed group atmosphere, and all riders are also encouraged to take some time on the trip to venture out on their own for a few hours. We'll be sure to set a meeting place or ensure that you have detailed route to the hotel for the night if you want to hit the road solo or in a small group part of the day.

Yes, your EagleRider Tour Specialist is more than happy to make these simple arrangements for you at rates that are typically lower than what you can find online or working with the hotel directly. We can book you at the same properties used at the start or finish of your tour, or we can make your reservation at a property nearby that you have been dreaming about visiting. If you are making your Tour Reservation with EagleRider online, be sure to check the "Add Pre-Nights" or "Add Post-Nights" box and we will be sure to include these as part of the simple booking process.

EagleRider is happy to include a complimentary helmet for both riders and passengers on all rentals and tours. These are D.O.T. Approved half-shell helmets. Many riders prefer the comfort and familiarity of their own personal helmet and choose to bring one from home. Almost all EagleRider locations offer half-shell, 3/4 face, and full-face helmets for purchase in our retail areas. We do require that you always wear a helmet regardless of the state.

Most hotels we use on EagleRider Guided Tours provide complimentary WiFi in the room or in the lobby for guests. There may be cases in remote locations where a WiFi signal is not available, but this is rare. For those who absolutely need to stay connected, we recommend our EagleRider Travel-Tab, which offers free calls to your home country and within North America, as well as free roaming internet use while on tour. Our EagleRider Travel-Tab also offers entertainment, google maps, and an amazing quality camera. As your Tour Specialist how to add an EagleRider Travel-Tab to you tour reservation today.

Our average riding day while on a Guided Tour is typically between 200 - 250 miles, with the occasion day that will be around 300 miles. Our groups do stop often to enjoy the sights and attractions, as well as to ensure the group is well rested and moving at a leisurely pace. For those interested in baring a lot of miles each day, you may want to check out one of our Custom Self-Drive Tours where you can work with a Tour Specialist to build an itinerary that covers as many miles a day as you like.

Yes, fuel and oil for your bike are included on all scheduled riding days. If you choose to go for a ride on a "rest day" the cost of fuel is not covered. The inclusion of fuel represents a huge value to customers booking with EagleRider.

EagleRider will provide transportation to and from the hotels in your starting and finishing destinations for the tour. Airport transportation is limited to hotel shuttles and taxi cabs by law in most major cities.

While it is extremely rare for an EagleRider Tour participant not to receive their Preferred Bike Model, we do ask all riders to provide us with their "Next Best Thing" as a backup. Your "Next Best Thing" should be the make and model bike that you know you would be just as comfortable riding, and the one that you know would still be part of an incredible riding experience. EagleRider knows how important bike choice is to our riders, and we will always do everything we can to ensure that you have your dream bike for your dream ride.

We typically keep our groups to around 15 bikes, with the occasional group having 16 or 17 bikes if it is a private group. Our goal is to always keep the groups to between 8 - 15 bikes so the group has a chance to really bond and learn to ride together as a cohesive unit.

Accommodations are a very important of the EagleRider Tour Experience, so we only stay in properties that have come to meet the high EagleRider standards over the years. We always choose a nice mix if luxury, history, and fun; focusing on properties that are representative of the region we are riding in. You may stay in a 4 Star hotel in downtown Chicago on night, then be sleeping in a historic Route 66 motel the next night. Or you may spend one night in a Las Vegas Strip resort then spend the next night in a mountainside lodge outside Yosemite National Park.

It is important to us that each rider has enough gear and clothing to be comfortable for the entire length of the tour, so we allow one large suitcase and one carry-on size bag for each rider and passenger. Don't worry ladies, we are very flexible on this policy in case you decide to do a bit of shopping along the way, of if you need to bring a few extra items to look great around the pool or on the town at night.

Most EagleRider Tour participants choose to bundle one of our Theft and Damage Waiver options with one of our Supplemental Liability Insurance options for maximum peace of mind. It is always best to ask your Tour Specialist which coverage they recommend during the simple booking process.

Please don't allow a delayed flight to make you nervous about missing the group or the tour. Our local team will do whatever we need to make sure you enjoy the tour you have booked, no matter what time you arrive. Your Tour Welcome Packet will include the phone number for your Tour Leader, as well as our office numbers. In the event that you arrive late all you have to do is give us a call and we will make arrangements for you to meet the group directly at the Welcome Celebration or in the hotel lobby.

We would never turn anybody down because he or she does not have a certain amount of experience. But for your own safety and level of comfort we recommend that you do have at least enough experience that riding a motorcycle through a curve does not make you nervous or apprehensive. You should be comfortable riding a touring motorcycle on an interstate, as well as through mountain passes. Some riders take advantage of our special Pre-Tour Rental Package for tour participants so they can arrive a day or two early to get comfortable on the bike and see the city at the same time.

The Indian Roadmaster, Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, BMW K1600, Honda Goldwing 1800, and similar models have the largest passenger backrests and tend to be the most comfortable for passengers.

Many other models such as the Indian Chieftain and Harley-Davidson Street Glide can also be equipped with passenger backrests for additional passenger comfort.

Click the “I” on the models you are interested in to see backrest availability and other customer reviews.

Yes. For guided tours totaling more than $1,000 USD and booked more than 60 days before the pickup-date, a minimum deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full within 60 days prior to the pick-up date. Otherwise, a full payment is required at the time of booking.

If you secure your rental with a credit/debit card, we will charge the security deposit on the day you pick up your rental vehicle. Your security deposit might be held by your bank for up to 45 days. After that, it will be automatically released in full unless we charge any damages, traffic violations or any other necessary charges against it.