Honda® ST1300

Honda® ST1300
The Honda ST1300 is a fully-faired touring motorcycle which proves that the performance that comes with a sport bike and the luxury associated with a long-distance tourer aren’t mutually exclusive goals. In fact, they can coexist quite happily on one motorcycle, and the ST1300 ABS proves it. This is a great bike for those who want to ride many miles in comfort and security without sacrificing bad-boy power and performance.

Features & Specs

A low-slung, liquid-cooled 1261cc V4 engine mounted directly to the frame powers the Honda ST1300, and it features excellent front Dual Hydraulic Disc brakes. It manages to be less top-heavy than the ST1100 (its predecessor) by virtue of a split fuel tank and a revised engine layout, which shift some of the bike’s 630lbs downward. Comfort and accommodation are important as well, which is why this bike features a comfortable standard riding posture and hard saddlebags.

Background & History

The X-Wing sport tourer prototype, which boasted a 1500cc V4 and automatic transmission, was first unveiled in the 2000 bike show season. It was widely rumored to be the successor to the ST1100, and this was confirmed as many of the bike’s features were eventually incorporated into this model. It was first available for sale as the Pan European in Europe and Australia 2002. In 2003, Honda released the motorcycle in North America as the ST-1300.

Big Screen Appearances

The Honda ST 1300 ABS can be found in recent films such as 2008’s Get Smart, Vantage Point, and Goal II: Living the Dream.

Video Of The Honda® ST1300

Detalles Técnicos
DC Powerport No
Displacement 1,261.00 cc
Engine Liquid Cooled 4-cyclinder
Fuel Capacity 7.70 gal (29.14 L)
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Luggage Rack Yes
Miles per Gallon 48 hwy / 38 city
MP3 Port No
Navigation System No
Passenger Yes
Backrest No
Radio/Media Player No
Seat Height 31.10 in (78.99 cm)
Saddlebags Yes
Storage No
Transmission 5-speed
Weather Channel No
Weight 650.00 lbs (294.83 kg)
Wind Screen Yes
Fuel Economy 48.00 mpg (20.41 km/L) hwy / 38.00 mpg (16.16 km/L) city
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