Honda® Nighthawk

Honda® Nighthawk
The Honda CB250 Nighthawk is an outstanding standard-style motorcycle, perfect for beginners as well as riders of smaller stature. Overall, this is a light, agile machine with a classic, functional “naked” look, and it is surprisingly comfortable for a lightweight motorcycle. Riders looking for a reliable motorcycle they know they’ll be able to handle should look no further than this bike.

Features & Specs

The Honda Nighthawk 250 sports a 234cc air-cooled parallel twin engine, which generates 14.5ftlbs of torque. While this is plenty of power for the bike, it keeps the weight under 300lbs, making the motorcycle light and maneuverable. The footrests are more centered than those on earlier models which translates to a more upright riding position—great for anyone who can’t recline comfortably. The low seat height and overall small size of the bike are also ideal for shorter riders, who will feel incredibly comfortable astride the CB250.

Designed for Safety

Descended from the early-80s Honda CM200 Twinstar and introduced in 1982, the Nighthawk has changed very little since. This was a popular Honda model from the very beginning, available in several different displacements over the years. It is commonly used in Motorcycle Safety Foundation training courses, and it maintains a famous history as a “naked” street bike.

Big Screen Cameos

In addition to an impressive resume of foreign film appearances, the Honda Night Hawk CB250S has burned rubber in Wild Hogs and on television’s Las Vegas.

Video Of The Honda® Nighthawk

Rider Comfort
Passenger Comfort
Luggage Capacity
Detalles Técnicos
DC Powerport No
Displacement 250 cc
Engine Air-cooled vertical twin-cylinder
Fuel Capacity 4 Gallons
Fuel System 26mm CV carburetor
Luggage Rack No
Miles per Gallon 46 hwy / 32 city
MP3 Port No
Navigation System No
Passenger No
Backrest No
Radio/Media Player No
Seat Height 29.3 inches
Saddlebags No
Storage No
Transmission 5 Speed
Weather Channel No
Weight 315 lbs
Wind Screen No
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