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Thank you for choosing to participate EagleRider's affiliate program. Please take a few minutes to provide your company name and contact information in the fields below. EagleRider's affiliate marketing manager will be in contact shortly with your company code. This number will be used to track your sales and subsequent commissions, so providing detailed and correct information is very important.  
If you have any questions or experience any problems with the registration please email us at
Thank you again for choosing to be a part of this exciting and profitable program!

OTA XML Integration

EagleRider's XML integration is the most in-depth form of integration. Using the XML API you will have the ability to customize your reservation booking path however you want. The API will pull EagleRider's real time rates and inventory and displayed into your system. 
Integration with our XML requires a few weeks of development with hands on support from the EagleRider tech team.

White-Label Booking Engine

The White-Label Booking Engine is the fastest, most simple form of integration. EagleRider will provide you with a simple code snippet that you can place on any page on your site. This snippet will generate EagleRider's widget right on your page. From here the user can start the reservation process from your website. After the reservation is complete the user is taken back to your site, giving the impression that the user never left.  
Integration with our White-Label solution takes a few hours to a few days.


There are a few benefits when integrating with EagleRider. With the growing demand for motorcycle rentals and tours among international travelers, this will give your company a new steady stream of income. Making this option available to your customers will also broaden your reach and allow you to cater toward a variety of interests. Entering into the motorcycle rental and tour company will give your company a competitive edge in motorcycle travel search terms among search engines. Your company will also be working closely with EagleRider's motorcycle travel marketing experts to make this program as profitable and effective as possible.

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