It started when co-workers at an AT&T company, Chris McIntyre and Jeff Brown, wanted to take sabbaticals from their jobs and travel around the United States on Harleys. Neither of them had motorcycles at the time so they tried renting them. When they found that there were no motorcycle rental services the light bulb went off; they saw demand, but no supply! The two met Peter Wurmer. It didn't take long for them to found EagleRider and begin a business of fulfilling dreams!

EagleRider operations started at Peter's garage in San Pedro with four motorcycles that were supplied by the founders. They carefully plotted a course, spending ten years refining their business model. They defined the untapped niche of promoting the American Dream to adventure-minded vacationers. They researched demographics, structure, and distribution. They established and nurtured key relationships and assembled a team of managers who not only were professional, but passionate - about motorcycles, about travel, about fulfilling dreams.

Today, EagleRider has arrived at that wonderful place called "success," purchasing more new model Harley-Davidsons than anyone else and boasting the world's largest fleet of Harleys, Hondas, and BMWs.