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Snowmobile Rentals

There are few machines that can rival the power and thrill of a snowmobile. Even hard-core motorcycle enthusiasts are often shocked at the power they find the first time they climb aboard one of these amazing rides. These extreme adventure machines can pack a 1,000cc engine for unparalleled thrills and off-road winter adventures.

When the fall comes to an end and winter begins, many riders are forced to put away their motorcycles for months on end waiting for better riding conditions. During these times, snowmobilers are the kings of the trail. Where dirt bikes once cruised, now only the roar of snowmobile engines can be heard. If you've been longing to join in the fun for winters on end, now is your chance to discover the joys of winter riding.

Let EagleRider Motorcycle Rental equip you with all the winter gear you'll need. We not only rent late model motorcycles and dirt bikes, but top-of-the-line snowmobiles as well. Our rental rates on expertly maintained, late model snowmobiles are low enough so that even riders on a budget can afford some fun come this winter.

Contact one of our knowledgeable, friendly Adventure Specialists today if you have any questions regarding snowmobiles or rental policies. All we ask is that you be 21 years old, have a valid license, and a major credit card. If you meet these requirements, you too can soon be tearing across a beautiful winter wonderland on the back of a powerful and stylish snowmobile.