Honda® Shadow VT 600

Honda® Shadow VT 600
The Shadow VT 600, also known as the VLX 600, is a strong yet smooth V-twin cruiser-type motorcycle. Its huge following is well deserved; this is a great bike for long distances. This reliable, classy-looking motorcycle will take you far, and its pleasant, throaty rumble will stick in your mind. The Honda Shadow 600 is a serious machine that remains well within the capabilities of a beginning rider.

Under the Seat

The Honda Shadow VLX 600 features a powerful, liquid-cooled 583cc V-twin engine which generates 39hp and 36ftlbs of torque. Its home is in the 65mph-and-above range, cruising nicely at 70mph. The seat height is a fairly low 27.2”, accommodating for riders both short and tall. These features make the bike not only great for beginners but also demands to be taken seriously.

Background on the Bike

The Shadow line has maintained a large fan base ever since its introduction in 1983, the second Honda V-twin (the famous CX series was the first). The VT600 came along in 1988, introducing a double-cradle steel frame to the series.

Silver Screen Cameos

This motorcycle appears in Bob Roberts and Batman and Robin.

Video Of The Honda® Shadow VT 600

Rider Comfort
Passenger Comfort
Luggage Capacity
Technical Details
DC Powerport No
Displacement 600 cc
Engine Liquid Cooled V Twin
Fuel Capacity 3.6 gallons
Fuel System Carbonated
Luggage Rack No
Miles per Gallon 45 Hwy / 35 City
MP3 Port No
Navigation System No
Passenger Yes
Backrest No
Radio/CD Player No
Seat Height 26.6 inches
Saddlebags No
Storage No
Transmission 5 Speed
Weather Channel No
Weight 425 lbs
Windshield No
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Peter Juhas May 26, 2016 03:01 am

Luggage Capacity

Passenger Comfort

Rider Comfort

Good,but not great unless you customise it. But that's the point of owning a cruiser isn't it?

Very nice cruiser for up to 6 feet tall riders and even smaller passengers at the back. The transmission is 4 gear, so there is a mistake in the description on this website! It's very easily customisable and there is plenty of bobber converted shadows out there. First customisation would be a new K&N air filter and Vance & Hines exhaust system + re-jetting the carbs, because the stock engine and exhaust sounds like a 125cc bike. It really is one of the worse cruiser sounds out there, but on the contrary one of the most comfortable and easily manageable bikes with low centre of gravity and enough oooumph to get you around the town. Highway riders may want to invest in a 40 tooth rear sprocket, new chain and perhaps 10% stiffer clutch springs. Once in there, you would want to change the timing 4% (there is a good DIY youtube video). There is plenty of bags, engine guards, peg extensions etc for this bike available online so if you are happy to get your hands dirty you will be rewarded with a great machine that will probably outlast other cruisers and maybe even us, that's how well it's build, simple, but efficient! Perhaps that should have been the title of this review. Keep it up and have fun!