Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®

Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®
The Fat Boy® looks like no Harley-Davidson that has come before it. The original model was called "The Gray Ghost" because it was only offered in one color. Rumor has it that it was inspired by a WWII B-29 Bomber. The unique design has been so successful that other companies have tried to duplicate it, but have consistently fallen short.

Quality is Heavy

It weighs in at 694lbs. Simply put, quality is heavy. Thick chrome and full of features, no dime is spared in it's construction. The Fat Boy features solid disc wheels, custom metal fenders, a shotgun-style dual exhaust system, a textured leather seat insert, a hand-laced leather tank panel, floorboards, hidden wiring, and a wide FLH-style handlebar.

Famous Appearances

The Fat Boy is a famous motorcycle in Hollywood and US Culture. It's appeared in many movies, and was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator II, John Travolta and Tim Allen in Wild Hogs, as well as The Sopranos, Bulworth, and Renegade.

What to Expect

This bike is smooth and steady, and glides across the highway. It's been regarded as one of the most comfortable rides, and will provide a relaxed experience for you to enjoy the countryside.

Video Of The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®

Rider Comfort
Passenger Comfort
Luggage Capacity
Technical Details
DC Powerport No
Displacement 96 inches
Engine Air Cooled Twin Cam 96
Fuel Capacity 5 Gallons
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Length 94.3 inches
Luggage Rack Yes
Miles per Gallon 53 hwy / 34 city
MP3 Port No
Navigation System No
Passenger Yes
Backrest No
Radio/CD Player No
Seat Height 25.4 inces
Saddlebags 10"H X 18"L X 7"W
Storage Yes
Transmission 6 Speed
Weather Channel No
Weight 694 lbs
Wind Shield Yes
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Melissa Parks December 8, 2014 02:14 pm

Luggage Capacity

Passenger Comfort

Rider Comfort

The Sleek Fat Boy

I like the Fat Boy because it has a fat front tire as well as rear. Which makes me as a girl feel very stable in those hair pin turns.
As for having a passenger, maybe not.
The saddlebags are perfect for weekend getaways You can pack all YOUR cute riding clothes, boots, makeup and hair accessories JUST FINE....
Every girl should travel with a Fat Boy at least once..

Chris Perry October 14, 2014 01:15 pm

Luggage Capacity

Passenger Comfort

Rider Comfort

Tooootally sweet bike

I enjoyed riding the fat boy very much. It is easy to ride and very comfortable. The power delivery and the ride are both very smooth. It's not extremely heavy like the electraglide, just heavy enough for a stable ride.