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Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour - Guided Motorcycle Tour

This once in a lifetime journey takes you from the emerald waters of Seattle, Washington through the visual splendor of the Cascade Mountains before ascending the Canadian Rockies to bask in the natural beauty of Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta. From Canada we will cross back into the United States through the razor sharp peaks of Glacier National Park and the majesty of Yellowstone National Park and her most cherished treasure, "Old Faithful". Our journey culminates with a ride through one of the most stunning landscapes in the United States, Rocky Mountain National Park, before ending in beautiful mile high city of Denver, Colorado.

Intermediate Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour
  • 16 Days / 15 Nights
  • Distance:
    3048 Miles / 4906 Kilometers
  • Seasons:
    Summer, Fall
  • Temperature:
    50° to 80° F / 10° to 27° C

Day 1: Seattle - Seattle, WA
0 mi / 0 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Welcome to one of the most beatiful cities in the United States, Seattle, Washington. Enjoy a long leisurely stroll down the famed Seattle waterfront, enjoy a ferry ride on Elliot Bay, visit the Space Needle, or try your hand throwing salmon at the world famous Pike's Place Market. Tonight we will take in a great dinner at a local landmark restaurant.

Day 2: Seattle, WA - Winthrop, WA
235 mi / 378 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Today we say goodbye to the Emerald City of Seattle and quickly make our way to some of the most beautiful back roads in the State of Washington. Highway 9 is a Northwest treasure that winds through the carnation and tulip fields as we head north towards the Mt. Baker and North Cascades National Parks. Highway 9 drops us off at the North Cascades Loop as we head east through what is quite literally some of the most stunning scenery south of the Canadian Rockies. Our stop for the night is the small western town of Winthrop, Washington where we will sit along the river sipping an ice cold drink or glass of wine and reflect on the incredible day we just shared.

Day 3: Winthrop, WA - Kamloops, BC
282 mi / 454 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

We'll enjoy our morning coffee along the river before heading north and crossing the border into the heart of Canada's wine country, Oliver, B.C., where we will enjoy the quiet roads that wind through the grape vines. Soon we will be riding along the shores of Canada's beautiful Lake Okanogan and one of her great waterfront cities, Pinticton. You can see the majestic mountains rising in the distance as we make our way to our home for the night in Kamloops, B.C. where we will enjoy some great live music and Canadian hospitality.

Day 4: Kamloops, BC - Jasper, AB
292 mi / 470 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Alberta Canada, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, is a haven for adventure travelers from around the world. This four season destination boasts some of the best hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and skiing in North America. Our ride today will take us to the heart of Jasper National Forest and the great mountain village of Jasper, Alberta. Jasper holds a special place in our hearts as it marks the beginning of Canada's amazing Route 93, or Icefield Highway, that runs from Jasper to the breathtaking lakeside village of Lake Louise, Alberta.

Day 5: Jasper, AB - Banff, AB
217 mi / 349 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Get ready to ride a stretch of highway that the EagleRider team would definitely rank among the top ten motorcycle rides in North American. Canada's Highway 93, also known as the Banff - Jasper Highway, takes us along glacial peaks and across some of Canada's most stunning icefields. Today promises to be on of the great riding days of your life, guaranteed. The good news, you can do it all over again tomorrow if you like. Tonight we enjoy the vibrant Rocky Mountain village of Banff, Alberta, known for friendly people, good food and great nightlife.

Day 6: Banff, AB - Waterton Lakes National Park, AB
240 mi / 386 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

This trip seems to be leading our group from one incredible destination to the next, and today promises to continue with that theme. Waterton Lakes National Park is on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park, one of the most visually stunning places in North America. In Waterton we will enjoy a quiet, serene afternoon and evening on the glassy waters of a crystal clear lake. It is hard not to feel as if you are becomming a part of this place. Soak it in. This is what life is all about.

Day 7: Waterton Lakes National Park, AB - Whitefish. MT
146 mi / 235 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

What better way to welcome our group back to the United States than with a ride through the amazing vistas of Glacier National Park. Glacier, the nations's 10th National Park, is known for its deep glacial valleys and rugged peaks. For motorcycle enthusiasts, it is simply an assault on the senses and offers some excellent riding terrain. Traffic is light in Glacier National Park, especially on the undiscovered roads that the EagleRider team travels. Our only delay as we ride through Glacier is likely to be a herd of Bighorn Sheep crossing the road to graze in a fresh mountain meadow.

Day 8: Whitefish, MT – Fairmont, MT
230 mi / 370 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

As we leave the stateside Glacier National Park, we turn our bikes northwest toward Bozeman Montana passing through the majesty of Glacier National Forest. For thousands of years Native American tribes ruled Anaconda and the surrounding areas, however, today, we will rule the road. Be careful not to blink. You might miss something amazing!

Day 9: Fairmont, MT – Red Lodge, MT
322 mi / 518 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

This is the point where it gets difficult to come up with a fresh description for our day of riding other than to keep saying that we are in for some incredible scenery! Our lunch stop today is an EalgeRider favorite, the old railroad town of Livingston, Montana where we can enjoy a nice Montana size steak sandwich or fresh river trout from the grill. After lunch we wil make the nice, easy ride and start our climb towards the mountain town of Red Lodge, a staff favorite that is well known for abundant wildlife sightings and incredible fly fishing. Get a good's night sleep, as tomorrow we tackle the Beartooth Highway and Cheif Joseph Pass!

Day 10: Red Lodge, MT – Cody, WY
114 mi / 184 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Get ready to ride what many in the EagleRider family consider to be two of the top three motorcycle rides in North America, Chief Joseph and the Beartooth Pass. There is simply no way to put into words what lies ahead today. We will cruise at a nice easy speed, stopping often to capture awe inspiring photos of the scenery and glimpses of wild bear, deer, elk and antelope. When this day is over we will all look at one another with a big grin and wonder out loud if today was all just an amazing dream. We will enjoy and evening in Cody, Wyoming, one of our favorite small towns on the trip.

Day 11: Cody, WY
0 mi / 0 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Enjoy a day of fun and exploration as we ride to Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is one of the most amazing landscapes and wildlife habitats on the planet, and we hope you take time to really experience all the park has to offer. We'll hang our hats in West Yellowstone.

Day 12: Cody, WY - Jackson, WY
130 mi / 209 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

We are running out of adjectives to describe this incredible region of the world. If you wnt to know what today's ride will be like all you have to do is think back to any of the past 11 days. Today is no different. Our home tonight is nestled in one of the most famous and exclusive ski resort areas of the United States, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson is home to sprawling cattle ranches, celebrity estates and roaming herds of buffalo. Tonight we will enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Jackson Hole. Don't worry, we'll sleep in a bit tomorrow morning!

Day 13: Jackson, WY – Green River , WY
306 mi / 493 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Our time together is drawing to a close in a few days, but the scenery along this route is just as uplifting and amazing as every day before. Tonight is all about relaxing and enjoying the company of our new found friends. Rock Springs is a great place for our tour leaders to break out the guitars and treat the group to some great music around a crackling fire under a blanket of the brightest starts you will ever see.

Day 14: Green River, WY – Steamboat Springs, CO
300 mi / 483 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has to most certainly be one of the most beautiful small mountian town in the United States. We will ascend through the heart of the Rocky Mountains on our way to this bustling village that comes alive in the summer months with hikers, mountain bikers and people looking for a quiet place to unwind and recharge their batteries.

Day 15: Steamboat Springs, CO – Denver, CO
234 mi / 377 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

It seems like just yesterday that we were saddling up in Seattle and looking forward to our journey. 17 days seemed like forever, but today it feels like it went by in a flash. The ride is coming to a close, but there is good news. Today we ride through Rocky Mountian National Park. The EagleRider team can't think of a more spectacular and fitting end to a trip of this magnitude than a ride through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Tonight we will enjoy one another's company one last time at our Farewell Dinner where we will raise our glasses to incredible journeys, lifelong memories, and, most important, the kind of friendships that can only be forged on the road.

Day 16: Denver, CO
0 mi / 0 km

Canada and Yellowstone Motorcycle Tour

You are now part of the EagleRider Motorcycle Tours family, a symptom of which is that you will never look at vacations the same way again. Let's meet over breakfast to start planning next year's ride. The best time to start dreaming is now.