• Save up to $120 on every Rental!
  • Get 13 Free Rentals
  • Pay Only $39 for each Additional Rental

Club Eaglerider Membership

Free monthly rentals and endless list of exclusive benefits including access to thousands of Indian, Harley Davidson, Triumph, BMW, Honda, Yamaha and Polaris motorcycle rentals across north America!

  • 12 Free Rental Days per year
  • Free Rental on Your Birthday
  • Enjoy exclusive members only discounts on tours, service and apparel
  • Earn additional rental day for each friend you refer to club eaglerider
  • Invitations to exclusive club events and motorcycle rallies
$29/month $29(One-Time) Initiation Fee Join Now

Membership Benefits

  • 12 Free Rentals per Year at Participating Locations
  • Rentals You Don't Use Roll Over
  • 1 Free Rental on your Birthday
  • $39/day for Additional Rentals Outside of Blackouts
  • 15% Off for Additional Rentals During Blackouts and Non-Participating Locations
  • 5% off on all EagleRider Tours
  • 15% Off on all EagleRider Apparel
  • 15% Off on EagleRider Motorcycle Service
  • Limited Time: $250 Off Any Motorcycle Sold by EagleRider
  • Invitations to All Club EagleRider Events And Rallies
  • Automatic Enrollment in our Rewarding Referral Program
  • Exclusive Access to Club EagleRider Member Only Deals

How it works

1 Take 2 minutes to complete the Club EagleRider Online Membership
2 Enjoy Instant Access to your first free rental and ALL of your Club EagleRider member benefits
3 Hit the road and enjoy the ride
4 Tell your friends and family about Club EagleRider

Why become a member?

Any Motorcycle – Anywhere

Wherever you go, we’ll have new and late Model Motorcycles for you to choose from. Thousands of well-maintained Harley Davidson, Indian, Polaris, BMW, Triumph, Yamaha and Honda across EagleRider’s Locations.

Unlimited Freedom

12 free rental days and $39/day for additional rental days, available during most of the year. Even during peak-season blackouts you'll receive exclusive 15% discount on all rental days. As a bonus, you'll even receive a free rental on your birthday.

The Next Generation of Motorcycle Ownership

Why limit yourself to only one bike when you can ride as many as you want? Take your pick from our diverse, pristine condition inventory featuring the most highly sought after motorcycles Every time you want to ride! Club EagleRider lets you experience many motorcycles for a Fraction of the cost of owning one!

Join the Pack

Get full access to Club EagleRider Exclusive Events, Rallies and Motorcycle Rides.

All the Fun – None of the Hassles

Leave the maintenance, Insurance, Payments, Bike Aging, Storage, and all other related headaches to your friends at EagleRider. You just enjoy the fun part of Motorcycling!

$29/month $29(One-Time) Initiation Fee Join Now

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does the Membership last?
  • Membership term is 12 months that is billed monthly and renews automatically on your anniversary date.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
  • Your subscription lasts for one year and cannot be canceled until the end of the term is complete. This subscription will automatically renew on your anniversary date unless you choose to opt-out before this date. Cancellation can only occur when you choose to opt-out of renewing your membership subscription, whereby you must do so before the end of your 12-month term. When your membership term enters your anniversary date with your automatic renewal setting being disabled, your membership will automatically end and be canceled.
  • What happens to my credits when my membership is canceled?
  • If you decide to cancel, you can still use your remaining credits for 30 days after your cancellation date. The drop-off date of the reservation must be on or before the last day of the 30-day period. When this period ends, all membership discounts and credits will expire.
  • How do I take advantage of my Free Birthday Rental?
  • Make an online reservation for pick up at a location participating in the Club EagleRider program. It is only available on the day of your birthday. You can choose any pick up and drop off date as long as the reservation period includes your birthday. During the last step of your reservation you'll notice that the system will apply one of the credits as your birthday rental! Also, you are still eligible for a free rental even if your birthday falls on a blackout period!
  • Are there any blackouts?
  • Blackouts for each location are shown on the membership page here:Membership Blackouts. During a membership blackout, you still receive all membership benefits. Members receive a 15% off of the retail rate during a blackout at participating Club EagleRider locations and most non-participating locations.
  • Can I use credits to pay for an existing reservation?
  • You are not able to apply credits to an existing booking. Credits can only be used when booking a new reservations online.
  • How can I redeem a Rental Credit or Get my eligible Membership Discount?
  • 1. Go to http://www.eaglerider.com
    2. Click on the Sign In box at the top right corner and enter your Login and Password or login with your Facebook (whichever you used to join Club EagleRider).
    3. Go through the normal booking process for the bike you want from any location.
    4. The system will automatically apply your Club Member Discount to the rental rate if applicable to the chosen pick up location.
    5. If you have Rental Credits available, the system will automatically apply available Rental Credits if the pick up location is one of the participating locations.
  • How can I use a rental credit for friend or family member?
  • 1. Go to http://www.eaglerider.com.
    2. Click on the Sign In box at the top right corner and enter your Login and Password or login with your Facebook (whichever you used to join Club EagleRider).
    3. Go through the normal booking process for the bike you want from any location.
    4. The system will automatically apply your Club Member Discount to the rental rate if applicable to the chosen pick up location.
    5. If you have Rental Credits available, the system will automatically apply all available Rental Credits if the pick up location is a participating location.
    6. If you applied credits and the system recognized that you are making booking for someone else, the system will automatically charge the transfer fee of $29 per credit used.
  • Can I cancel my reservations made with credits?
  • Reservations made using credits are non-refundable and cannot be amended. You can receive a rain-check for the amount you paid however all credits would be forfeited.
  • Do I still have to pay for other fees when making a booking as a member?
  • As a member, you are given your discounted daily rate and applicable credits. All other fees including Environmental Surcharges, Event Surcharges, One Way Fees, Taxes and all other applicable fees you will still be responsible for paying.
  • What is a credit transfer fee and why am I being charge this fee?
  • A Credit Transfer Fee is a small charge that is applied to your checkout total when you make a booking as a member and choose to apply your credits to other (other than the membership holder) riders within your group. Also, you will be charged this fee when you make a booking under a name that is not the primary account holder's name or the name we have on file. Please always double check when making a booking that the first rider's name matches the First and Last name used to sign up for Club EagleRider.
  • Where can I use my membership?
  • Your membership discounts are available at most EagleRider locations but your membership credits are accepted at participating locations only during non-blackout periods. Participating locations and blackout periods are found on the membership page of eaglerider.com and can be found here: Membership Terms & Conditions.
  • Who can use my rental credits?
  • Your free rental credits are yours to use as you wish. You may use them for yourself or for friends and family. If you choose to use your rental credit to book a bike for a friend or family member you will need to pay a small transfer fee of $29 per credit used when you make the reservation. Friends and family are able to get a 15% discount off of the rental rate if the reservations are made using the members account. As a member you get an extra day bike rental rate of $39 per day at Club EagleRider participating locations and 15% off during credit blackouts and at most non-participating Club EagleRider location throughout the year!
  • Who can enroll in Club EagleRider?
  • Club EagleRider is open to all U.S. and Canadian Residents who hold a valid driver license or motorcycle license.
  • How do I enroll in Club EagleRider?
  • Enrollment is as simple as clicking the “Subscribe Now” button on the Club EagleRider homepage and taking a couple minutes to complete the registration and payment forms.
  • What is a rental credit?
  • Each month you get one rental credit good for one free rental day on any motorcycle, dirt bike, or ATV. 3-wheeled vehicles require 2 rental credits for one free rental day. Credits pay for the daily rental fee however you are still responsible for any taxes or add-on's to the reservation.
  • How can I use my rental credits?
  • While logged in to your account, start an online reservation and you will be able to use your credits as payment.You are still responsible to pay for any taxes or add-on's to the reservation.
  • As a member, do I get a discount on additional rentals and tours?
  • Yes, in addition to your 12 rentals and bonus birthday rental each year you also receive a rate of $39 for additional rental days during non-blackout periods, 15% off the retail rate during a credit blackout and at most non-participating EagleRider locations and 5% off any of our world famous tours! Just login and you will see this discount automatically applied to your online reservations.
  • I don't have my motorcycle license. Can you help me get one?
  • Absolutely! We can provide you with an easy-to-ride motorcycle for your DMV riding test, just book a small bike online with your credits.
  • What information will I need to complete my Club EagleRider enrollment?
  • All we’ll need to get your membership started is your name, contact information, and the payment method for your monthly payment of $29.
  • If I am having an issue with my membership how can I get help?
  • We are happy to assist you with any issues or questions. You can email us by clicking the "Email Us" button on the page or call our Club EagleRider Support Line at +1 888-900-9901.
  • How can I renew my Membership in Club EagleRider?
  • Your Club EagleRider Membership will automatically renew every twelve months unless you choose to opt out. If you want to renew after opting out of the automatic renewal you can simply opt in again to renew your subscription.
  • What happens if I don’t or can’t use my monthly rental credit?
  • If you choose not to use your rental credits in any given month they will automatically be rolled over for use each month until you are ready to use them. Club EagleRider allows you to continue to roll over up to 24 months and use them for longer rides at a later time. All Membership dues must be current in order to access your rental credits.
  • Do my credits expire?
  • If you stop renewing your membership you can make a reservation in the 30 day window from the date of cancellation to use any credits left on the account before the membership ends and all discounts and credits are lost permanently. Also, regardless of membership status, each credit expires 24 months after it is received.
  • Why am I being charged a different rate other than $39 flat membership rate?
  • Most locations will honor the $39 flat daily rate outside of blackout restrictions. If you are making a booking from a location inside of a blackout, you will no longer receive a flat rate of $39, but instead receive a 15% discount on the advertised daily rate for that pickup location and most non-participating EagleRider locations. To view the list of blackout dates at participating locations, click here.