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One-Way Specials starting at $49/day!*

One-Way Rental Specials

On certain occasions EagleRider locations offer discounted one-way motorcycle rental rates for the return of specific bikes instead of transporting them via truck. All motorcycles offered on this page are rented on a first come first served basis at a substantial discounted rental rate. The special expires when the described bikes are gone, and special pricing only applies to motorcycles specified below. Currently this web site doesn't apply these special rates, so you must contact the person listed with the special to receive the special rate. If you book online, normal pricing will apply. All motorcycle rental terms and conditions apply to one-way specials.


Pick-Up City 

Drop-off City

Rental Model

# of Vehicles

Earliest Pick-up Date

Latest Drop-off Date


Daily Rate


Reservation Contact

Sydney, AUS  Mackay, AUS HD Road King 1 3/24/15 3/30/15 (4day Minimum) Unlimited  $141 
 Los Angelse, CA Carmel, CA HD Heritage Softail 1 12/31/14 1/4/15 Unlimited $69 Kevin(831)899-2800


*Taxes and insurance are not included in the above prices.