Route 66 East: Chicago to Albuquerque Motorcycle Tour

Guided Tour 8 Days / 7 Nights
Tour Map
  • 1527.0 mi = 2443.2 km
  • Summer, Spring, Fall
  • 55.0 - 105.0°F = 12.8 - 40.6°C

EagleRider's World famous Route 66 motorcycle tour travels the original Route 66, known as the "Mainstreet of America" or "Mother Road", is 1400 miles long from Chicago to Albuquerque, crosses two time zones and 5 States: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and ending in New Mexico. Route 66 has been the path of migrants, dreamers, desperadoes and an entire generation of vacationers discovering the way west. The 1950's were the Route 66 glory days, when thousands of cars rode bumper to bumper behind each other to experience the Western frontier. Hotels, motels, gas stations, classic restaurants, and the "New" America sprang up everywhere. Much of Route 66's classic roads, restaurants, gas stations, and nostalgic landmarks are preserved just as they were in the 1950’s. The famous and nostalgic Route 66 is the road created in heaven for motorcycle touring. Simply stated, this is the guided tour of America!

Tour Itinerary

You arrive at Chicago International Airport and transfer on your own to your hotel. In Chicago you are in the biggest and most exciting of the Great Lake cities. Chicago has a skyline to rival any city’s - a gamut of top-rated museums, restaurants and cafes, and innumerable bars and nightclubs that pay homage to the city’s strong jazz and blues heritage. Tonight you will enjoy a great Welcome Dinner and celebration with your fellow riders, and a great night of luxury in one of Chicago's finest hotels before kicking off your dream Route 66 journey in the morning.
This morning you pick up your bike and are off to the ultimate American road trip. The legendary Route 66 begins at the doorstep of our EagleRider location, cutting through the state of Illinois before running all the way to the Pacific Coast. From Chicago you head south along the Pontiac Trail, the original name for this bit of the road here, passing through Joliet, checking out the Launching Pad Giant, stopping at the amazing RT 66 Museum in Pontiac and generally getting a feel for the rubber on the Mother Road
Today we head towards St. Louis! We will stay primarily on the 2-lane sections of the Mother Road, traversing cornfields and small towns that represent the heartland of America. Our arrival into St. Louis will be over the Chain of Rocks Bridge, the original bridge where RT 66 crossed the Mississippi River. Enjoy the short ride today into the "Gateway to the West," St. Louis. This amazing city rests along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River and is home to some of the best live music and BBQ ribs in the country.
Try to get up early to walk across the street today and enjoy an early morning view of the St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River before we hit the road. We quickly leave the city in mirrors as we settle in to enjoy the rolling Missouri hills that make this area so beautiful and fun to ride in. We will stop and see the famous World’s Largest Rocking Chair in Fanning, wind our way on the twisting roads of Devil’s Elbow! We will stop to meet Gary at Gay Parita’s, himself a Route 66 icon. Tonight we will enjoy a stay in Joplin, a city that was hit very hard in 2011 by a massive tornado. We'll hang with the locals in the small downtown area and hear some amazing stories about what it was like to be in the eye of a massive tornado!
Today is all about the ride! From Joplin we head west through the rolling hills and horse country that is Oklahoma, passing through the towns of Miami, Claremore and Catoosa, where the legendary Blue Whale resides, and stopping for lunch in a Tulsa diner. We will also pass through the lands of several Native American tribes. In the 1830’s all this land, held to be useless by the Federal Government, was set aside as Indian Territory–a convenient dumping ground for the tribes that “blocked” white settlement in the southern states. The Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek and Cherokee are some of the tribes that make up the state’s large Native American Indian population. Further west you ride through El Reno – over the mile-long bridge, near Bridgeport and into Oklahoma City, the heart and soul of Route 66 country.
This morning we travel along some of the oldest stretches of Oklahoma’s Route 66. Once the land of vast buffalo herds, this section of 66 traverses some of the great cattle trails which were used in the 1860s to drive herds of cattle from Texas up to the railhead in Abilene, Kansas. We will ride along a section of the Chisholm Trial, which passes through Yukon and El Reno, and stop at the amazing Route 66 Museum in Clinton. After lunch we cross the border into the Texas Panhandle, the southernmost portion of the Great Plains. Our good friends from "The Big Texan Steakhouse" will pick our group up at the hotel in a fleet of old Caddies graced with the horns of Texas Longhorns across the hood and take us to enjoy the absolute best steaks in Texas!
Today you leave Texas and are on your way into “The Land of Enchantment”, New Mexico – after passing through the world famous Cadillac Ranch. How about the ghost town of Glen Rio, where you can stand with one foot in New Mexico and the other one in Texas? From there we enter the land the Comanche Indians, where mesas, mountains, cactus and pines define the landscape as head up into the High Plains and altitude of Santa Fe in central New Mexico. Santa Fe is one of America’s oldest and most beautiful cities!
Today you will take a short ride to our EagleRider Albuquerque Location where you will return your motorcycles.We hope you enjoyed your EagleRider tour. Please be sure to let us know if you need an extra night or two in Santa Fe to enjoy the sights. See you next year! EagleRider
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Terry Enlow June 16, 2016 12:20 pm

thank you

The trip was a milestone birthday present to my wife Roxanne. We had planned this a year in advance and were eagerly anticipating the experience. I had heard of Eagle Riders when I was traveling Route 66 with my son by car 3-years ago.

The experience exceeded all expectations we had and Steve was an excellent leader for our group. Specifically, Steve was calm and collected during the entire 2870 miles of the trail. His experience prior to his role here made him well suited to support a band of misfits on an adventure. Steve has an uncanny ability to work across cultural boundaries. We were the only Americans on the trip and he made sure we were just as satisfied as our European and NZ partners.

Steve was flexible with the group. He could read the group well. An example of this was on a few occasions we changed the route or changed the stops to accommodate either fatigued riders or to see a unique part of the road otherwise not on the agenda. This made the trip very personalized.

He helped fuel my need for exotic coffee stops and was genially fun to hang around with for 15-days.

Steve also demonstrated superior riding skills that impressed even the most hardened riders. While we had mechanical and tire issues now one was without a bike the entire trip.

The experience has given us the bug to do another tour with Eagle Riders.

I also want to add that Will (our van driver) was superb. Our windshields were cleaned every morning, our bags were always accessible, he made sure we were hydrated (this was a lifesaver), and made sure we stayed cool and safe. He was very safety conscience thus likely saving us from ourselves a few times. He was humorous and while he stayed to himself most of the trip he did on occasion make time to hang out with us so we could get to know him better.

Many thanks for the experience and I hope this makes it to Steve and Will.


Terry Enlow

Roxanne Enlow June 16, 2016 09:05 am

so awesome!!

My husband and I were on the Route 66 Tour that started May 19 from Chicago, each being a rider. We had an epic trip! Our tour guide, or as we called him our trail boss, was Steve Feather. He was instrumental in making our trip so awesome!!

My over all impression of Steve is that he is always "calm, collected and caring." Thru flat tires, breakdowns, people missing a turn off or a couple close calls he kept calm, completely professional and effectively handling each situation. I felt extremely safe because of his firemen/paramedic/swat team background and secure in the fact he would be able to successfully manage any emergency that may occur. His motorcycle skills are exemplary and the knowledge of Route 66 is incredible.

Steve was very personable and caring; frequently checking if everyone was ok when we stopped for breaks and made sure to personally chat with each of us frequently during the tour, gathering us into his easygoing friendly demeanor. Any concerns were addressed in a compassionate and timely manner.

We felt very blessed to have such a highly skilled, professional and caring guide for our Route 66 tour! It really was epic! In fact, we will probably be doing the "Canada and Yellowstone Tour" in the next year or two with Steve.

Warm regards,
Roxanne Enlow