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America is the land of adventure. We like our toys and we like them fast and tough. We like our sports extreme and our equipment durable. It has to be to keep up with the playful, adventurous spirit that is at the heart of the American identity. For many Americans, the chance to hit the trails on an ATV or dirt bike is an opportunity that just can't be missed.

Though the chance to race through the woods or across the desert on an ATV is one that appeals to many of us, actually owning this equipment can be too expensive for the average person. That is why we at EagleRider Motorcycle Rental are here to provide adventurous individuals with top of the line rental equipment like ATVs at affordable rates. Now everyone can feel the power and thrill an ATV provides without actually having to buy one of their own! 

We rent only late model, top condition ATVs and dirt bikes to our customers. These ATVs are ready to go fast and get dirty! The Scrambler 4x4, for example, not only goes fast but is comfortable and easy to use. It features an automatic transmission and an extra-comfortable seat that will take the shock out of those bumpy trails. Helmet and goggles will be included in your rental package and you can rent in daily, three day, or weekly increments. We have many different makes and models to choose from so you're sure to find the ATV that's just your style.

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International Rentals

The need for speed and adventure is not limited to America. EagleRider now has several international locations to serve you better. Even while traveling abroad you can experience the speed and thrill that only ATVs provide. You can speak to a reservations agent today to find out more about EagleRider's international ATV rentals.

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