Frequently Asked Questions about Guided Tours

A guided motorcycle tour certainly isn’t something off the shelf and there might be many questions that need to be answered before you get on board of your airplane. Please find the most frequently asked questions below for your information.


Q: What kind of clothes should I bring?

A: You should bring a variety of clothes. Most of our tours run during months with warm and moderate temperatures. Riding along the Pacific Coast will always go along with cool ocean breezes and you’ll need a good jacket. Deserts will bring blasting heat in July, August and early September, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon can be freezing cold in May, June and late September/October. Exceptions to the rule apply so please pack a bit of everything as we have a luggage van following us

Q: How many people are in a group?

A: We allow a maximum of 15 bikes per group. At rare occasions there can be a few more bikes but if the number exceeds 15 we may add a second tour guide on a motorcycle to the group.

Q: After I arrive, how do I get from the airport to the hotel, to EagleRider and back?

A: You need to arrange your own transfer from the airport to the hotel (shuttle service is usually available) unless an entire tour group arrives at the same time; in this case we will pick up the group and provide transfer. Please review transfer descriptions in your road book (available on the internet) for your specific tour

Q: Do I need to bring rain gear?

A: Yes, it is recommended to bring your own rain gear.

Q: Will I receive some kind of information about my tour before I arrive?

A: A road book for each specific tour will be sent to you via email as a pdf file; the book contains all important and necessary information about your tour, route, general information, etc.

Q: Do the prices vary by bike model?

A: No matter if Sportster or Electra Glide; the guided tour cost will stay the same.

Q: I own a motorcycle; can I ride my own bike on a guided tour?

A: Yes, you can bring your own bike; the cost for each individual tour will be quoted upon request.

Q: How much money do I have to estimate for gas?

A: Approximately $15 per day.

Q: Will there be enough photo stops on a guided tour?

A: While one just likes to ride and is hardly to be kept off his bike another may want to stop every 5 minutes to get this very special photo shot. We try to find a good average of stops to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Q: Do I have to stay with the group at all times?

A: You can also take alternate routes or split from the group as long as this will not result in a change of schedule / itinerary for the rest of the group. So far we’ve never had anyone that wanted to part from their newly made friends and ride on their own.

Q: Do you require certain experience to participate in a guided tour?

A: We would never turn anybody down because he/she does not have a certain amount of experience. But for your own safety and level of comfort we recommend that you do have at least enough experience that riding a motorcycle through a curve doesn’t scare the hell out of you. Especially our California Dreaming, the second half of the Wild West Tour and the Rocky Mountain Tour offer some challenging parts of curves, curves, curves.

Q: How much luggage can I bring?

A: One large suitcase plus a duffle bag per person is no problem. If you are on a longer vacation and riding a round trip tour with us we can also always store baggage at our EagleRider location.

Q: Can I book additional nights before or after the tour through EagleRider?

A: Yes, we are happy to book additional accommodation before or after the tour for you. Please be aware that once an additional reservation has been made any changes or cancellation will result in a $50 handling fee per occurrence. Reservations for additional nights must be made at time of booking.

Q: What kind of insurance do you recommend?

A: Even though all insurances are optional we recommend choosing at least VIP or EVIP to cover any damages that may occur to your motorcycle. There will still be a deductible of $2.000 for VIP or $1.000 for EVIP coverage.

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?

A: For your own safety we require you to wear a helmet at all times when you ride a motorcycle.

Q: Do I need to bring my own helmet?

A: Helmets are provided for riders and passengers by EagleRider for the duration of the tour without any fees. It is recommended to bring your own helmet for comfort and size.

Q: What bike is best if I ride with a passenger?

A: Most comfortable bikes for passengers are Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King and Heritage Softail, Goldwing, or BMW; any other Harley model is not recommended if you ride with a passenger.

Q: Do all bikes have a windshield?

A: The only models that are equipped with a windshield are Electra Glide, Road Glide, Road King and Heritage Softail, Goldwing, and BMW. Especially during mid summer you will face very hot temperatures on your rides. A windshield will not only hold off dust and stones but also keep away direct hot air to your body.

Q: What are the hotels like on a guided tour?

A: We usually stay at 3-4 diamond rated hotels. Exceptions apply for late or last minute bookings because many of the favorite hotels along the route might be sold out at the time of booking.

Q: Do I get the bike I choose if I book early enough?

A: Usually you will receive the bike model that you have chosen in your reservation. If your 1st choice bike model should for some reason not be available we will assign your 2nd choice bike model or in very rare cases will notify you if neither one model is available. You should always give us a 2nd choice bike model which must be different from your 1st choice. Please be aware that the motorcycle that is assigned for you can also become involved in an accident a day before you’re supposed to receive it. We will of course always try to accommodate you in every possible way.

Q: Can I swap bikes with another person in my group?

A: Yes, you would have to sign each others rental contracts in this case. If you should happen to damage the other persons motorcycle it will be your responsibility to cover the damage occurred.

Q: Do I need a motorcycle drivers license to take part in a guided tour?

A: Yes, a valid motorcycle driver license is mandatory to take part in a guided tour or rent any motorcycle. But you could always take part in a guided tour in one of our convertibles that we offer if you do not have a valid motorcycle license. Please ask us about this option.

Q: How old do I have to be to go on a tour?

A: You have to be at least 21 years young to be able to rent a bike. If you participate in a guided tour and have had your license since you were 18 years old we can make an exception as long as you participate with parental guidance.

Q: Can I check my email while on tour?

A: Most hotels will offer amenities like a computer terminal or wireless access in the lobby or high speed internet access in your room; sometimes they’re free of charge, sometimes they’ll cost a fee of approximately $10.

Q: What is the weather going to be like?

A: If you’ve all been good the weather will be too…honestly, we can never be certain; this is one factor on our tours that we still haven’t been able to influence. In general you can say that during mid summer months you have a 90% chance of staying dry and hot weather on any of our tours. It’ll always be a little cool along the west coast and you can always expect some rain along Route 66. Please come prepared, bring your raingear and a variety of clothing to be armed for all weather conditions.

Q: How many miles do we ride each day?

A: The average is 200 miles per day. There will be one or two days where the mileage exceeds 300 miles per day but don’t be afraid; the day will be over before you notice. Your road book contains an itinerary which will show each day’s mileage.

Q: Can I go in the support van if I get tired?

A: As much as we like to accommodate all your need we’d like you to understand that you’re attending a motorcycle tour. The van is at your courtesy for your baggage and is supposed to carry customers only in an emergency; e.g. severe health problems, accident, breakdown of motorcycle etc.

Q: What if my flight is delayed and I can’t make it on time?

A: If you are sure you will get neither to the arrival hotel nor to the EagleRider location for the tour departure the next morning please call the guided tour department as soon as you can. We will arrange for you to reach the next possible hotel along the tour route. You will receive detailed instructions and maps how to get there.

Q: Do I need a visa for the USA?

A: Homeland Security requires from some countries that the passport has to be valid for another 6 months after the departure date. This does not apply for all countries but better safe than sorry.

Q: How do I get to the airport when the tour is finished?

A: EagleRider will take care of getting you to the airport after you have dropped off your motorcycle. If your hotel is within 7 mile radius from the EagleRider location we’ll also provide transportation to your hotel (restrictions may apply)

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to make a reservation?

A: Yes. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation.